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Here, at Mad About Sports, we provide alternatives to being a professional athlete and offer multiple courses In the sports fields like analytics, sport management, etc. that are taught by professionals in the sports industry.


Mad About Sports is a tech-first educational platform to help Sports enthusiasts fulfill their dream of working in the Sports Industry!

At Mad About Sports, we offer online sports courses like Cricket Analytics, Football Analytics, Sport Management, and Sports Media and Journalism. At the end of each course, students will receive certificates for the course they have completed.

Our aim is to bring awareness to the opportunities that lie in the sports industry and guide individuals that are passionate about having a career in the sports industry. We have had students that have successfully landed internships and jobs in companies like Boomer11, Sophie Claire Management, StanceBeam, StepOut, etc. after doing the courses.

Our Courses have the following features:

Mad About Sports is here to help you make your dreams a reality. So what are you waiting for?! Go through our courses and see what our experts in the sports industry have to offer!


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Cricket Analytics and it's impact on the game.

Cricket Analytics Workshop

4.7 Average Rating | 3300+ Students
Cricket Analytics has become a huge part of the game of Cricket. From Batting analysis to fantasy cricket, here is the guide to it all.

Fantasy Cricket Bootcamp

4.9 Average Rating | 5637+ Students

Learn my insider fantasy contest strategies that made me over 60+ lacs while also winning more than 20+ Grand Leagues.

Football Analytics

Football Analytics Workshop

4.7 Average Rating | 2250+ Students
Football Analytics has allowed teams to understand how to be successful and made it easier for fans to understand the game. Is Messi or Ronaldo better? Learn from the best and use analytics to determine it yourself!
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Sports Management Workshop

4.7 Average Rating | 830+ Students
A Sports Manager is the leader of an organization and is in charge of its success. Begin your journey to becoming a sports manager by learning how to be a leader and understand the responsibilities that go along with it.

Football Video & Tactical Analysis

4.7 Average Rating | 240+ Students

Start watching Football from a completely different point of view. Learn tactical analysis and video analysis in Football from basics to advanced.

Cricket Analytics

advanced cricket analytics masterclass

4.9 Average Rating | 255+ Students

The Masterclass you need to help you learn what it takes to become a cricket analytics expert!

blog Pitchero 2

advanced football analytics masterclass

4.9 Average Rating | 255+ Students

The detailed and complete breakdown of football analytics that you need to have a career as a football analyst.

sports agent feature TTuz31O

advanced sports Management masterclass

4.9 Average Rating | 171+ Students

The detailed and complete breakdown of football analytics that you need to have a career as a football analyst.

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Sports Media & Journalism Course

4.7 Average Rating | 440+ Students
Dreamt of working in the Sports Media & Journalism industry since your childhood? Kick start your career in the field by learning from the best.



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