6 MUST know facts to start your Fantasy Cricket journey [4th point is SUPER IMPORTANT!!!]

5 things to know before you start your fantasy cricket journey to become a fantasy cricket expert

Start your Fantasy Cricket Journey – Introduction :

Fantasy Cricket has become the new craze in India today. The excitement of putting money on matches and winning a lot more is an extremely attractive opportunity. Sports fans today check squads and analytics on players before games, just to make the best fantasy team. Fantasy cricket has become so big that everyone that does not partake in it is hit by ‘FOMO’ – the fear of missing out. But Fantasy cricket isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. You have to make sure you do your research before you spend money on Fantasy Cricket. Here are 5 things to know before you start your Fantasy cricket journey to eventually become a fantasy cricket expert.

Become a fantasy cricket expert
Fantasy Cricket

1.Understand the sport before you start your fantasy cricket journey :

It is extremely important that you understand the sport of cricket before you start your fantasy cricket journey. Most times cricket fans end up using small amounts of money to test the waters. Without understanding the sport and which players can make your fantasy team the best, it isn’t possible to earn money. A lot of people continue to put in money and lose a lot before they understand the various tips and tricks to win money in fantasy cricket. Therefore understand the sport and the various statistics involved in it before you spend your hard-earned money.

Understand the sport before you start your fantasy cricket journey
Understand the sport before you start your fantasy cricket journey

Most times you will be competing against a fantasy cricket expert or a group of experts who have a lot more experience than you have when it comes to fantasy cricket. While you cannot gain a definite advantage over players that have been regular participants in fantasy cricket for 5-10 years, understanding the sport definitely helps you out.

2.Understand which statistics are awarded more fantasy points :

Before you start your fantasy cricket journey, you must understand how fantasy points work. Fantasy points aren’t always awarded on a ‘one-for-one’ basis. That means some statistics earn more points than others. For example on the fantasy cricket app Dream11, you earn 10 points per wicket taken but only one point for every run scored. Similarly, you earn extra points on sixes and fours hit by players. So make sure you know which statistics give you more fantasy points. This will help you create a team and a fantasy cricket strategy that will give the highest amount of fantasy points.

3.Understand how contests work before you start your fantasy cricket journey :

Understand every contest and how the rewards are distributed. Sometimes your best option would be to join a contest with a large pool of fantasy players and at other times you have to go for contests with smaller player pools. It all depends on your team and how confident you are in it. If you are sure you have the best team you could go for the large pool, but if you aren’t sure then it is best to go for smaller pools even if the rewards are comparatively lesser for winning them.

As I previously mentioned, you could be competing against a fantasy cricket expert. Therefore make sure you select who you go against in contests to give you the best chance to win. The best way to do that, when it comes to contests with 2-10 players in a pool, is to check an opponent’s record and how many contests he/she has won and been a part of. That way you can know how experienced he/she is. When it comes to large pools it is best to enter those contests only if you are extremely confident in your fantasy cricket team.

4. Always make sure that you set a budget and do not get addicted to fantasy cricket :

One of the biggest issues with fantasy cricket is addiction. The thrill of winning money often clouds peoples judgement. The best way to ensure that you do not spend more than a limited amount of money is to set a fantasy cricket budget. While setting a budget can help, in the end it comes down to your own will and understanding that this is just entertainment. This is one of the most important to take note of before you start your fantasy cricket journey.

5. Understand the risk involved in fantasy cricket :

Before you start your fantasy cricket journey, it is very important that you understand that you will not win money all the time. The game of fantasy cricket is exciting and entertaining but it involves both wins and losses. It is important that cricket fans and other sports fans as well understand that losing money is a part of the game. When you lose money, make sure that you are not affected by the loss and prepare your mind beforehand for the possibility that you could lose money.

6. Make sure you have a thorough understanding of the fantasy cricket app that you have chosen :

With fantasy cricket being as big as it is today, it is incredibly important that you understand how the specific fantasy cricket app you have chosen works. Each app functions differently and there will be differences with regards to how fantasy points are awarded, contests are played, rewards and money to be spent and a whole lot more. While most apps have a similar structure, they differ in how they operate. It is important that you understand the various facets of the fantasy cricket app before you begin investing your hard-earned money into fantasy cricket.

Understand the fantasy cricket app you plan to use before you start your fantasy cricket journey
Understand the fantasy cricket app you use

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