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We help students and working professionals fulfill their dream of working in Sports Industry!

Currently, the number of people who want to follow their passion of working in the Sports Industry is huge but most of them don’t end up working in this sector because of the following two reasons:

  • Lack of relevant knowledge and insights about the industry
  • Lack of clarity on how to enter the industry

We, at Mad About Sports, are successfully solving this problem for Sports industry aspirants through our workshops. Our workshops have the following features:

Our Mission

Upskill aspiring Sports Analysts and Sports Managers
Connect students to the right mentors in the Sports industry 
Help students get practical experience of working in the industry
Build a community of people who are ‘MAD ABOUT SPORTS’


You might already know that the Indian Sports Industry is still in the growing phase and has massive untapped potential to match the ecosystem which has been built in countries such as the US, Australia, UK, etc. Well, just like most Indians, our founder Aditya too, is ‘Mad About Sports’, and he started digging deeper into the Sports market during the pandemic. After spending two months on researching and interacting with various experienced experts in the industry, he realized the extent of the gap in the Sports Education sector in India. This led Aditya to start this ed-tech venture to help aspiring Sports Analysts and Managers to kickstart a career in Sports by providing practical courses in Sports Analytics & Management directly from the industry experts.

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December 2020

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What We're All About

Up your Sports-game with our unique hybrid model of live interactive sessions and highly focused self-paced online classes that equip you with specialized knowledge about various domains in Sports.

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Learn Something Every Day

Be the backbone of the sporting industry by learning practical aspects of sports analytics and sports management through our hands-on courses.

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