Hi, I'm Tanmay Wanjari, a passionate content writer with a deep love for cricket. I have dedicated myself to bringing the latest and most engaging cricket-related content to enthusiasts worldwide. With a strong foundation in both cricket and writing, I strive to create informative and entertaining articles that cater to the diverse interests of cricket fans.

Areas of Expertise:

As a cricket content writer for Mad About Sports, I specialize in various aspects of the sport. From match analysis and player profiles to historical moments and in-depth coverage of tournaments, my expertise spans the entire cricketing landscape. I have a keen eye for detail and an ability for presenting complex cricketing insights in a clear and accessible manner, making the sport enjoyable for readers of all backgrounds.


I hold a Bachelor of Science (BSc.) degree in Chemistry from SP College, Pune. Additionally, I have completed a Cricket Analytics Mastery Program by Mad About Sports, where I delved into the world of data-driven insights in cricket. This program has equipped me with the knowledge and expertise to harness data effectively in my writing, making my blogs and articles more informative and impactful for cricket enthusiasts.

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