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Become an expert Cricket Analyst with 0 coding knowledge right now!!

Become an expert Cricket Analyst even if you do not know coding right now with our Cricket Analytics course

Become an expert cricket analyst – Introduction :

The fear that every individual that is interested in Cricket Analytics is, ‘Do I have to know coding to become a Cricket Analyst?’. The answer is a big ‘NO’. You do not have to know a shred of coding to start your analytics journey. All you need is the right mentor and expert in the field to guide you in building a career path to becoming an expert Cricket Analyst. Let’s look at what Cricket Analysis is all about below.

Become an expert cricket analyst
Become an expert cricket analyst

Who is a Cricket Analyst?

A Cricket Analyst is someone that breaks down the game of cricket, to the smallest detail. They could be someone that watches film/videos on the game and breaks the game/players down. Or they could be someone that collects data and used advanced metrics and coding to break the game down. Either way, both types of analysts use data to come to conclusions regarding a player or a game. One visually breaks it down while the other uses a more analytical and technical approach.

Now does this mean that you can only be a video analyst if you don’t know coding? The answer is once again ‘NO’. You can have a career as an expert analyst even if you are technically inept. It is all about who you have to guide you on that path.

Cricket Analysis-Is it a huge part of the game today?

In today’s sports industry, sports analytics has become a huge part of every sport. Even in cricket it has become a huge part of the game. Every team has one or more cricket analysts to break down every game. They also break down the games of every player. This helps teams decide on who to pick for their team based on statistics and also helps them game plan against players by understanding their weaknesses from the data provided to them.

If you look at the IPL today, teams use analytics to determine who to pick in the auction. While it isn’t a foolproof method to pick the right player, teams often make the right choice because they follow what the data says. The data here refers to the final breakdown of data collected by cricket analysts from various matches and broken down into information that executives and coaches can use. Now coaches and executives need to take other factors like leadership and work ethic into consideration before selecting a player but often lean on cricket analytics because we all know that’ Numbers never lie.’.

A Cricket Analysis of the IPL Champikons over the last few seasons
IPL uses analytics for roster building

Are there job opportunities as a Cricket Analyst?

To be a Cricket Analyst right now is the best career decision you can ever make. This is especially true when it comes to being a cricket analyst in India. The world of sports has just been introduced to analytics over the last decade. While sports leagues and teams in countries like the United States have begun to employ analytics on a large scale, sports analytics is in it’s embryonic stage in India. Fans today are eager to have statistical information on the game beforehand, which is made possible because of analytics.

Analytics in Cricket
Job opportunities in Sports analytics

The scope for sports analytics is huge in India right now. India is the biggest cricket market in the world. We consume cricket like no one else. Right now the cricket industry is ripe for cricket analysts to enter. Analysis and the role it plays in sports is only going to continue growing. It is best to get in early because the sky is the limit from here on out.

The sports industry as a whole is going to continue growing as we haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg on what the sports industry could potentially become. This is especially true for the cricket industry which is the most popular sport in India and 2nd most popular sport globally. To have a career in an industry that shows great potential is a recipe for lifelong career and financial success.

Importance of a great mentor in guiding you to become a Cricket Analyst:

While you do not need to know coding to enter the world of cricket analytics, it is important that you have a mentor that can make the process easier for you and introduce you to coding step by step. It is difficult to find a good mentor in analytics. It is very important that you have the right guide to lead you into your cricket analytics journey.

Often people take a leap of faith into the unknown because of their passion. While you must follow your dreams of having a career in the sports industry and become an expert cricket analyst, it is also important that you educate yourself on the various possibilities of pursuing such a career. You also need to know what steps to take in order to be successful.

Become an expert Cricket Analyst – Conclusion :

Now that you know that you do not need to know coding beforehand to become an expert cricket analyst, you can start your journey to become a successful data analyst in the cricket industry by following the steps mentioned above. It is very important that emphasis be placed on the last point about finding the right mentor to guide you onto a career path to become a cricket analyst.

So who do you approach to teach all about cricket analytics and makes sure it isn’t overwhelming for you? Do not worry. Here at Mad About Sports, we have the best of the best to teach all about analytics and help you on your path to be a part of the cricket industry as an analytics expert. Our expert analyst, Mr. David Gladson will take you on a journey to help you learn analytics through our workshop designed for a beginner in cricket analytics in partnership with the Rajasthan Royals. If you want to have a career in cricket analytics visit the link below.

Author : Aniruddh Sunil Kumar

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