5 Best Football Analysis Courses: With Price & Duration Comparison

best football analysis courses

While there’s an analyst inside all of us who follow the sport, football analysts are actually professionals who work with football clubs. Their demand is at an all-time high. But how do you become a football analyst?

If you have the time and money to invest, you can take up a long course in a college or university. If not, there are several online football tactical and analysis courses that can teach you football analysis and help you become a professional football analyst. 

If you fall in the latter part, then this blog is very important for you as we will be listing the best football analysis courses that are there online. Let’s list them out and help you become a football analyst!

S.No.Course NamePriceDuration
1Certificate in Football Tactical Analyst by Barca Innovation Hub€6254 months
2Introduction to Football Analytics by StatsBomb€603hrs 20mins
3Football Analytics Workshop by Mad About SportsRs. 4994hrs
4How to Analyze Football (Soccer) – Basics by UdemyRs. 4492hrs 30mins
5Soccer Analyst (Level 1): Game Analysis by Soccer Hub€595hrs

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Best Football Analysis Courses

1. Certificate in Football Tactical Analyst by Barca Innovation Hub

Barca Innovation Hub

This is a course offered by world famous football club, FC Barcelona, who have created a global renowned sport innovation and knowledge center. This certificate in football analyst course is made by keeping note of recent demand for football analysts and the increasing importance of analytics in professional football clubs.

The course syllabus is:

  • Implantation and Technological Process of Analysis
  • Team Analysis (Self-Analysis)
  • Opponent Team Analysis
  • Match Analysis

The course has several professors who have worked with professional football clubs and has an expert advisor in Antolin Gonzalo Martin, an UEFA-PRO coach and tactical analyst, who has worked with the Spanish national team, and Real Madrid’s first division team. 

Course Details:

Duration – 4 months
Level – Introductory
Time Required – 6/8 hours per week
Price – €625 
Certificate Given – Yes 

2. Introduction to Football Analytics by StatsBomb

StatsBomb - Introduction to football analytics

StatsBomb, a sports data business which is created by the analysts for the analysts, also has a course on football analytics. 

The course teaches all the basics from understanding expected goals to analyzing opposition tactics. This can help you become a football analyst and help develop your knowledge about the role of data analytics in football. 

The course includes topics like:

  • Expected Goals
  • Types of Attack
  • Set Pieces
  • Defensive Choices
  • Team/Opposition Analysis

The instructors for the course are James Yorke, who is the Director of football at StatsBomb, and Ted Knuston, who is the Co-Founder of StatsBomb. 

Course Details:

Duration – 3hrs 20mins
Level – Introductory
Time Required – Self paced, there are 5 modules, each lasting about 40 minutes
Price- €60
Certificate Given – Yes

3. Football Analytics Workshop by Mad About Sports

Sushant Rao - Football Analytics Workshop by Mad About Sports

Next on our list is a 2-day online workshop on football analytics by Mad About Sports. This is India’s 1st workshop to become a professional football analyst. 

The workshop is for each and every football fan, all aspiring analysts, fantasy football players, and anyone who is looking for a career shift. If you have always dreamed of working in the football industry, this workshop can bring you closer to it. 

The workshop includes topics like:

  • Introduction to Football Analytics
  • Real life case studies
  • Step by step framework to make a career in this industry
  • Kind of jobs/projects available and salaries for it
  • Q&A session with the instructor

The instructor for the workshop is Sushant Rao, a practicing football analyst with over 3 years of experience in the industry, and an ex-sports data scientist at SportsKPI. 

Course Details:

Duration – About 4 hours
Level – Introductory
Time Required – Self paced, there are 2 sessions up to 4 hours in total
Price – Rs. 499
Certificate Given – Yes

4. How to Analyze Football (Soccer) – Basics by Udemy

How to analyze football(soccer) by Udemy

Whether you are a coach, a player or a football lover, this course by Udemy is the right fit for you. This course will help you discover things that a football viewer should absolutely know i.e to analyze football games correctly. 

The course has 6 sections:

  • Introduction
  • Why analyze football
  • Football tactics
  • Basics of football analysis
  • Resources to help in journey of analyzing football
  • Advice concerning football analysis

The instructor for the course is Hamza El Kadioui, a football analyst who has worked with professional coaches and players. 

Course Details:

Duration – 2.5 hours
Level – Introductory
Time Required – Self paced
Price – Rs. 449
Certificate Given – Yes

5. Soccer Analyst (Level 1): Game Analysis by Soccer Hub

Soccer analyst(level 1): game analysis by Soccer Hub

This course has everything that you need to start looking and deeply analyzing the game, and in future, become a specialist in analysis and work with professional clubs. 

The course will help you make a leap in your career, and learn the intricate details of football analysis. The course covers:

  • What is Soccer
  • Integrated game analysis model
  • Game’s Evolution
  • Game’s Nature
  • Game’s Observation
  • Train for specific observation
  • Structural Game Dimension
  • Functional Game Dimension
  • Game’s Extra-time

The course is developed by Jorge Castelo, a professional football coach with over 30 years of experience, who has worked with professional football clubs all over the world. 

Course Details:

Duration – 5 hours
Level – Intermediate
Time Required – Self paced
Price – €59
Certificate Given – Yes


As fancy and glamorous the profession of a football analyst sounds, the reality is a bit different. It involves hours and hours of game watching, analysis, and studying. While it is interesting, especially if you are a football enthusiast, a lot of hard work needs to be put into it. 

In this blog, we have given you some of the best football analysis courses that you can take up to learn about the tactical aspect of the game and develop a deeper understanding of it. Most of the courses are of a beginner level and do not require any prior experience or knowledge. 

So if you are actually serious and passionate about making a career as a football analyst, or you just want to learn more about the game you so love, you should definitely take up one of these courses!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of football analysis?

Football analysis helps in breaking down the game and studying it from a tactical point of view. Teams use it to find key areas of improvement and derive match winning strategies. 

2. How can I become a football analyst?

There is no straight pathway to this. There are many courses that can help you become a football analyst, but more than that, you need to have the required skills and knowledge for the role. 

3. Which are some of the best football analysis websites?

Some of the best football analysis websites are fbref, whoscored, transfermarkt, total football analysis, the athletic, etc. 

4. Which are some of the best football analysis apps?

Some of the best football analysis apps are the athletic, sofascore, fotmob, one football, footystats, etc. 

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