Who is the best player in the history of IPL?

best player in IPL history

The Indian Premier League brings together players from different nations to compete against and together with each other.

The IPL has your favorite national and international players playing, but who is the best player in the history of the IPL?

Well, it’s not necessary that the best international player performs exceptionally well and becomes the best player in the IPL, as many diverse factors come into play.

However, in this blog, I’ll cover the best batsman and the best bowler in IPL and what makes them worthy of the title.

Best Batsman in IPL

There is no singular best batsman in IPL. However, some of the players who consistently perform well for their teams in their time of need in the IPL are generally considered the best along with the traits they have to make them the best batsman in the IPL:

  1. Virat Kohli (RCB) – Consistent performer, strong technical skills, and leadership qualities.
  1. Suresh Raina (CSK) – Consistent run-scorer and one of the most successful IPL batsmen.
  1. Rohit Sharma (MI) – Consistent performer, strong captaincy skills, and ability to score big runs.
  1. AB de Villiers (RCB) – Widely regarded as one of the most talented batsmen in the world, known for his innovative shots and quick scoring ability.

Let us have a look at their stats for a better understanding.

Virat Kohli223215662436.2129.15544
Suresh Raina205200552832.52136.73139
Rohit Sharma227222587930.3129.89140
AB de Villiers184170516239.71151.69340
Note: These stats are until 1 Feb 2023

These players are considered among the best due to their consistent performance, impressive batting records, and ability to score runs under pressure.

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Best Bowler in IPL

Similar to the best batsman in the IPL, the list of outstanding bowlers is also long. However, here are the best bowlers in IPL and the traits that make them outstanding:

  1. Lasith Malinga (MI) – Experienced campaigner, excellent yorker specialist, and one of the most successful IPL bowlers.
  1. Ravichandran Ashwin (DC) – Versatile spinner, known for his accurate bowling and clever use of variations.
  1. Jasprit Bumrah (MI) – Considered one of the best fast bowlers in the world, known for his consistent pace and swing.
  1. Sunil Narine (KKR) – Experienced off-spinner, known for his ability to confuse batsmen with his variations.

Here are the stats of the above-mentioned bowlers, that will help you understand and draw the analysis in a better way:

Lasith Malinga1221221707.1416.631
Ravichandran Ashwin1841811576.9824.840
Jasprit Bumrah12012014517.418.911
Sunil Narine1481471526.6322.741
Note: These stats are until 1 Feb 2023


The debate for the best player in IPL is endless with new talent pouring in every year.

The best bowlers and the best batsman in the history of IPL have seen staggering ups and downs.

With the new IPL season approaching, who do you see wearing the orange and purple cap?

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Who is the best IPL player to date?

Virat Kohli is considered the best player in IPL to date with an outstanding record of 199 innings and 6283 runs.

Who is the best captain in IPL?

Rohit Sharma is considered the best captain in IPL, leading Mumbai Indians to 5 title wins.

Who hit the most sixes in IPL?

Chris Gayle tops the list with 357 sixes in only 152 matches

Who took the most wickets in IPL?

Dwayne Bravo has the most wickets in IPL with 183 wickets.

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