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Cricket Analysis

What is Cricket Analysis?

Cricket Analysis is the method of using data, statistics, and other tools to analyze the game of cricket. It involves analyzing the on-field and off-field performances of players and teams.

It is a highly effective and important method that is being used in cricket to improve performances, finding out insights about the game, and predicting results as well.


Types of Cricket Analysis?

Cricket Analytics has the following types:

  • Batting Analysis,
  • Bowling Analysis,
  • Fielding Analysis,
  • Player Analysis,
  • Team Analysis,
  • Pitch Analysis,
  • Venue Analysis,
  • Predictive Analysis
  • On-Field Analysis,
  • Off-FIeld Analysis


Software used for Cricket Analysis?

Some of the software used to perform cricket analysis are:

  • Python,
  • Machine-Learning,
  • BI,
  • Tableau,
  • SAP Lumira
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