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Get trained & Certified by a Practicing Football Analyst and Master All the Industry Standards in Football Analytics.

Get Certified by a Practicing Football Analyst


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Register before February 03, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 86,000
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Register before February 03, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 86,000

What will you learn in the program?

In the most practical approach, you will master the following concepts in Football Analytics:

Passing Analysis

Playmaker Analysis

Analyzing Attackers

Goalkeeper & Pressure Analysis

Fantasy Football Analytics

Analyzing Underdogs

Interactive Dashboards

Scouting Analysis

Expected Goals (xGs)

Guaranteed to give you results!

204+ people from top global brands have attended the Masterclass and become Football Analytics Experts. Have a look at what they say! 😁

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Register before February 03, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 86,000 for free

Register before February 03, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 86,000 for free

Bonus 1

Detailed shots Data of 15,000+ Matches of EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A and ISL (Lifetime)

Free for you

Value Rs 40,000/-

Bonus 2

Exclusive 35+ Research Papers and Top 15 Ebooks from the field of Sports Analytics

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Bonus 3

26 Weeks of Mentorship directly from Mr. Sushant Rao (A Practicing Football Analyst)

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Bonus 4

Exclusive Access to Mad About Sports' community of Football Analytics Experts (lifetime)

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Register before February 03, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 86,000 for free

Detailed Breakdown of Masterclass Curriculum

We cover everything, right from Performance Analysis in Football, Player Analysis, Team Analysis, Scouting Analysis to predicting expected goals & more along with building Interactive Dashboards.
  • Scrape Passing Data
  • Build Passing pitch maps
  • Creating passing matrix
  • Analyse Passing Partnerships
  • Analysing various Pass Parameters
  • Identifying Pass Masters
  • Who is a Playmaker?
  • Identifying playmakers in all teams using data
  • Pass facilitator vs Chance creator
  • Build a Playmaker Rating System from scratch
  • Scrape detailed shot data
  • Explore and identify metrics important for analysing Attackers
  • Which attackers surpass expectations?
  • Which attackers contribute to build-up play?
  • Best vs worst shooters
  • Comparative analysis with top scorers
  • What is pressure in football?
  • Analyze team pressure by building pressure maps
  • Performance Analysis of a player based on pressure
  • KPI: Passes per Defensive Action (PpDA)
  • KPI: Passes per Pressure Action (PpPA)
  • Tactical analysis based on pressure
  • GK save and concede analysis
  • Saves vs Goal Concedes against shots from the left, right and center
  • Punchers vs Catchers
  • Comparison with top GKs
  • Opposition analysis 
  • Classification of GKs (shot-stoppers, ball-playing)
  • Explore Croatia’s 2018 WC journey using data
  • Analysing Attack and Defense HeatMaps
  • Performance Analysis of key players in a team
  • Comparative Analysis of Croatia players vs the rest
  • Comparing actual vs expected performance of Croatia
  • Create your Fantasy Team using Statistical Analysis and Python
  • Comparative Analysis between players of each and every position.
  • Machine Learning for engineering Ranking Systems.
  • Make your dream team for any fantasy platform for any format.
  • Scripting will take you from Amateur à Pro
  • Multi-function interaction
  • Creating complex and advanced analysis NEEDS scripting.
  • Build basic and advanced ML prediction models.
  • Methods to calculate Accuracy of the model
  • Creating a Dashboard for generating Match Reports
  • How to join match-level meta data with event-level data?
  • Generating visual summary statistics for reports
  • Interactive Dashboards for Team-wise analysis
  • Interactive Dashboards for Player-wise analysis
  • Creating a Rating system for WC 2018 players
  • Understanding and finding KPIs for each position
  • Deciding weightage for rating system and building it
  • Deep-dive analysis on highly rated players
  • How to find replacement players and work as a scout?
  • Introduction to ML
  • Types of predictions & terminology used
  • Classification and Regression
  • Feature Engineering
  • Modelling a ML problem
  • Measure your model accuracy
  • Final project: How to predict the probability of scoring a goal?

Get Certified

Yes! You will be certified by a Practicing Football Analyst which brings a lot of credibility to your certificate & your resume.
Advanced Football Analytics
Register before February 03, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 86,000

How will you learn?

The Advanced Football Analytics Expert Program is specifically designed for busy people, even full-time job holders. It is completely online with on demand video lessons having lifetime access & weekly doubt solving sessions.

Watch interesting bite-sized Football Analytical lessons at your convenience with lifetime access.

Attend LIVE Weekly Doubt Solving Sessions to get all your questions answered for an entire six months.

Get Certified by Mad About Sports & a Practicing Football Analyst. Make your resume stand out from the crowd.

Still Thinking about it?

This Masterclass is literally going to change the way you look at Football. If you are a Football Fan and wish to learn the trade of Football Analytics, then this is a no brainer for you. Here are some benefits of the program:

Live Weekly Sessions for guidance

Detailed shots Data of 15000+ Matches from Europe's Top 5 leagues

Lifetime Access to the entire Masterclass

6 Months of Mentorship from Mr. Sushant Rao

One Stop Destination to learn Football Analytics

Access to Mad About Sports' Expert Community

Register before February 03, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 86,000 for free

Meet Your Mentor

Sushant Rao - Football Analytics

Football Analyst


Years of Experience

Hi, I am Sushant Rao, a Practicing Football Analyst , ex-Sports Data Scientist at SportsKPI and alumnus of DA-IICT. I help Football Fans follow their passion of learning everything about the Football Analytical Industry. In this Masterclass, I have consolidated ALL the industry standard techniques in Football Analytics to help you guys excel in the field.

I’ve been working extensively in the field of Football Analytics & building practical models around it for the past 3 years now.

Analyzing Football and coming up with insightful conclusions through it is my area of expertise. And I promise you that you could do the same.

After having faced many difficulties back in my time to learn Football Analytics and always having a passion for teaching, I now aim to provide top quality skills and help all Football Fans follow their passion at the most affordable rates.

I would be happy to pass on my knowledge and help you build your personal brand in the field through this Masterclass.

Register before February 03, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 86,000

Frequently Asked Questions

I have tried my best to answer all the frequently asked questions. If you still have more questions, please write to us at [email protected] (Give us 8 working hours to respond back). My awesome support team will get back to you.

Great question. You get the best of both worlds. The Advanced Football Analytics Masterclass will have 19 hours of self paced modules that you can watch at your own convenience with lifetime access. You will also have LIVE weekly doubt solving sessions for half a year where you can ask all your doubts & queries.

There is no time limit for completing the Masterclass. You have lifetime access to it and can watch at your own pace.
Yes! You will have access to all video modules AND the LIVE doubt solving sessions incase you are unable to make it. You can learn post office hours too!
Yes, it is certified by a practicing Football Analyst.
Yes! You will get lifetime access to all the video modules.

Please email us at [email protected] & our awesome support team will get back to you as soon as possible (within 8 working hours).

No, you can only watch them online on the portal. The access is for lifetime.
Do you want to learn the skills of a Football Analyst? If yes, then taking up this Masterclass is a no brainer for you.
Register before February 03, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 86,000 for free
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