How to Become a Cricket Analyst: 5 Steps Plus Role as an Analyst

how to become a cricket analyst

The field of data science and data analytics is relatively new. While the opportunity is huge, there is not much awareness of it, especially when it comes to the role of data analytics in the field of sports.

At Mad About Sports, we aim to bring you awareness about the different opportunities that are there in the field of sports and how you can get them.

In this blog, we will be telling you how to become a cricket analyst. So without further ado, let’s dive straight into it!

Who is a Cricket Analyst?

Cricket Analytics, or as popularly called, ‘criclytics’, is the process of taking cricket data and analyzing it by making observations from it, comparing it to other forms of data, using it for a team’s performance, predicting results, assessing key points, and various other things.

The person who does this job of analyzing data related to cricket is called a cricket analyst. 

In a more simpler form cricket analyst is someone that breaks down the game of cricket, to the smallest detail. They could be someone that watches film/videos on the game and breaks the game/players down. Or they could be someone that collects data and used advanced metrics and coding to break the game down.

Either way, both types of analysts use data to come to conclusions regarding a player or a game. One visually breaks it down while the other uses a more analytical and technical approach.

Now does this mean that you can only be a video analyst if you don’t know coding? The answer is once again ‘NO’. You can have a career as an expert analyst even if you are technically inept. It is all about who you have to guide you on that path.

Since the introduction of T-20 cricket and the inauguration of short game format tournaments like the Indian Premier League, the sport of cricket has become much more competitive and fast-paced. Teams constantly strive to be better every year and invest heavily in their resources.

A cricket analysis is one such tool through which teams keep improving, and today, almost every international cricket team or a big-league team has a cricket analyst or a team of them. 

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Role of a Cricket Analyst

Before finding out the process of becoming a cricket analyst, first, let’s see what their role is:

  • The primary role of a cricket analyst is to analyze a team and share his results with the team management. The analyst gathers data from a match and studies what are the key areas of improvement and how the team can work on them.
  • The role of a cricket analyst is extremely crucial to a team’s success as they have to find out things that are not usually seen by the human eye. The analyst needs to gather, interpret, and use complex data to develop actionable steps that will improve his team’s performance and optimize results.

  • A cricket analyst works very closely with the team’s coach and has a lot of influence on who makes the cut when tournaments start. He analyzes team data and provides statistics to the head coach, usually using tools like Excel for analysis and PowerPoint or Keynote for presentation

  • A cricket analyst is expected to find out on which pitch a player does well on, which shot is a batsman good and bad at, which is the ideal length for a bowler and one on which he needs to work, find out key player battles or matchups before a game, etc. 

  • The analyst is expected to scout new and unheard talents; point out weaknesses of players and how they can work on them; help in creating match strategies before a game, and improve the overall team’s performance.

  • A cricket analyst is a very important part of the team and has a big impact on a team’s failure or success.

How to become a Cricket Analyst?

Since this is a very new and niche area, there is no blueprint for becoming a cricket analyst. There is no single path to this profession.

As such, no official degrees or courses can guarantee you to become an official cricket analyst, but sports management/analytics courses and workshops certainly help. Apart from that having a good skill set in analytics and cricket in general can take you a long way forward.

Here are some of the ways through which you can become a cricket analyst.

STEP 1: Build knowledge about the game.

The number one key requirement for one to become a cricket analyst is to have an interest in cricket and knowledge about the game. You need to know the nitty-gritty about the sport and even the minute details. If you are good with numbers and data, that is an added advantage.

STEP 2: Constantly study about cricket.

This is not an easy job and is one that takes years of hard work and dedication. You need to constantly study cricket and improve your knowledge.

STEP 3: Join a sports journal or start your own blog.

To start off, you can write your analysis on different matches and publish them online. You can join a sports journal or a sports blog as a writer.

STEP 4: Work with sports magazines or management companies.

You can also work as a columnist in sports magazines or newspapers, anchors of match shows, speakers on radio, podcasts, and sports channels, work in sports management companies, and then slowly work your way up.

STEP 5: Build your network.

Network with club managers, scouts, and sports business executives for further information and guidance on this profession. You need to establish your name in this space. 

Why should you become a Cricket Analyst?

If you are still not convinced about why should you aspire to become a cricket analyst, have a look at this:


To conclude, there is no easy way or a set pattern to become a cricket analyst. What may work for others, may not work for you. 

You need to take the approach of ‘trial and error’. But one thing that is common to all, is constantly upskilling yourself and learning more about your role. 

This profession is very niche in nature. It does bring a lot of money and fame as you can work with international teams and clubs. But getting there is not easy and takes years of resilience. You need to be better than the rest.

Over 231 students have started their journey in Sports with us.

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