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An Informational Workshop
An Informational WorkshopNaman Kumar
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It was an informational workshop with Mad About Sports, Rajasthan Royals and David Gladson Got to learn about various tools for cricket analytics, It helped me in understanding and knowing how the DLS method & NRR is calculated, the companies involved in cricket analytics, the skills needed to be an analyst and much more.
I Would Recommend This Workshop To Every Cricket Nerd Like Me :)
I Would Recommend This Workshop To Every Cricket Nerd Like Me 🙂Kartikey Sharma
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I would like to thank Aditya Goenka for guiding and assisting me in the Mad About Sports Cricket Analytics Workshop. This workshop helped me understand the game of cricket in depth and with different perspective based on various stats and figures which are used by various franchise and International teams to improve their gameplay. I would recommend this workshop to every Cricket nerd like me 🙂
Gained Valuable Information About Cricket Analytics
Gained Valuable Information About Cricket AnalyticsSiva Sravan Vepakomma
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Being a cricket fan, I always wanted to know the analytical part of the sport which helps in taking various decisions on the field and the online workshop by Mad About Sports gave a great start to me. Thanks to the instructor, Mr. David Gladson & team Mad About Sports for organising this workshop and sharing valuable information about cricket analytics.
I Got To Know What Cricket Analytics Is All About In Today’s World Of Emerging Sports
I Got To Know What Cricket Analytics Is All About In Today’s World Of Emerging SportsMBATECH Vivek Porwal
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✨????????????????Glad to accomplish a certification for Workshop of Cricket Analytics conducted by Mad About Sports in association with IPL Team Rajasthan Royals. Being a Cricket enthusiast and formerly a Cricket Player in extra-curriculars, I got to know what Cricket Analytics is all about in today's world of emerging sports by David Gladson.✨???????????????? More to come lot more to go.
An Interesting & Interactive Session
An Interesting & Interactive SessionAmbarish Singh
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Glad to share that I attended and become familiar with the Cricket Analytics 5 Day Workshop Organised by David Gladson sir and Mad About Sports in Collaboration with the Rajasthan Royals. Thank You David Gladson sir for Organizing such an Interesting & Interactive session On Cricket Analytics.
I Had An Amazing Time
I Had An Amazing TimeSai Prakash Pailla
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Cricket is my all time favorite sport whether i play or watch it does not matter, what really matters is spending some quality time with cricket things. I would really appreciate Mad About Sports I had an amazing time on last weekend it's a 2-day workshop on cricket analytics and i learned about case studies,Analytics industry. I was mentioning the exact scenario/things we encountered during the workshop- -Intro to cricket analytics(case study on ind vs eng 2022) how to decide the best playing 11 for India for their upcoming match and the IPL past data is used for playing 11 prediction. Bonus offered by Mad About Sports are:- -How to do live match coding using python -completely guided python notebook on whether coin tosses are important in a cricket match or not.Moreover, I got E-books on how to make skills for cricket analytics industry. #cricket
An Absolute Blessing
An Absolute BlessingSonali Vardam
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This workshop with Mad About Sports has been an absolute blessing. I love watching cricket and this workshop was like a cherry the cake it had so many insightful sessions making me understand about sports analytics in details looking at data from different perspective. As they always say "Learn Continually. There's always one more thing to learn." this is just the start many more to come in this journey.
An Interesting & Interactive Session
An Interesting & Interactive SessionDivyanshu Verma
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Glad to share that I attended and became familiar with the Cricket Analytics workshop organised by David Gladson and Mad About Sports in collaboration with the Rajasthan Royals. Key learnings: ->I now have a clear understanding of cricket analytics. ->I learned about real-world practical case studies in cricket analytics. ->I got to know analytics tools and software, as well as how to access cricket data from many websites. Looking forward for the masterclass program in future. Thankyou David Gladson sir for making such an interesting and interactive session.
An Insightful & Wonderful Workshop
An Insightful & Wonderful WorkshopTanuj Sane
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Had a insightful experience on data analytics, what goes behind and on the pitch during the live matches. Much obliged to Sushant Rao for getting things done with synergetic discussion on football analytics and once again thank you for wonderful workshop.
A Fascinating Workshop
A Fascinating WorkshopArchit Singh
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Hello Everyone, I have successfully completed a workshop on Cricket Analytics from Mad About Sports. It was fascinating to see how data analytics impact the decision-making in national teams and cricket league franchises. A special thanks to David Gladson for mentoring and being helpful throughout the workshop. Looking forward to gain more skills and knowledge.
Gained Really Meaningful Insights
Gained Really Meaningful InsightsBalasarath B S
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I’m happy to share that I have completed my one-week workshop on Cricket Analytics from Mad About Sports. I always wanted to use data and derive useful patterns. That is when I was stuck with why not with cricket data (I’m a big fan of cricket). The workshop gave me a good idea of how to work with cricket data (ipl, T20, ODI, test data) and gain useful insights. The lectures on ABD vs Bumrah, and Sachin vs Kohli were really interesting. Classes by David Gladson, the instructor was really good. I would recommend this introductory course to people who wanted to see the other side of cricket as well. There is a lot to go in the journey and see you guys soon.
Learned a Completely New Perspective
Learned a Completely New PerspectiveSayudh Deshmukh
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I am glad to announce that I have completed the certificate Cricket Analytics Using Python with Mad About Sports. I really want to thank the instructor David Gladson for explaining the concepts so effectively and with ease. After attending this workshop, I am not gonna look at cricket the same as before!!!
A Truly Detailed Learning Experience
A Truly Detailed Learning ExperienceVinay E
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Hi, I am very much interested in cricket since my childhood. Played State level and had a dream to play for our country. Everyone has a dream but only a few can make it. I couldn't make it happen due to some problems. But the love for cricket never ends in me. So, When I heard about the cricket analyst workshop by Mad About Sports for a week, I immediately joined that workshop without hesitation. David Gladson who is our mentor in this workshop taught everything from scratch about analytics. I received a certification from them too. I'll definitely suggest you join in his future projects if you are interested in cricket.
A Realistic and Interesting Workshop
A Realistic and Interesting WorkshopRachan Ballal
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After attending the Football Analytics Workshop couple of weeks back, I got an opportunity to be a part of this hands-on workshop on Cricket Analytics Using Python conducted by David Gladson & Organized by Mad About Sports. I also worked on a couple of real-life case studies where we did a 'Virat vs Sachin - An Analytical debate' considering various KPIs, parameters, and factors to compare 2 splendid batters in their respective eras. The second case study was a player-to-player matchup of AB de Villiers against the likes of Jasprit Bumrah throughout the IPL and the objective of this case study was to identify which player has an edge over the other. Player-to-player matchups have been immensely critical across various sports in deciding the playing team on a given day, against a certain team/individual.
Truly Amazing and Informative
Truly Amazing and InformativeVikrantt Bhatia
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The sport of Cricket is something which I admire and love to play. I always had the curiosity to know more about it, especially knowing how numbers and data can help make the team decisions, and then I came across this Cricket Analytics Workshop using #pythonprogramminglanguage by Mad About Sports and decided to join it without hesitation! and yes it was worth it! Thank you, David Gladson. The workshop was truly amazing and informative.
Imagine Analyzing your Favorite SportCharankumar Achari
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Hello everyone, I had the opportunity to attend the 7 days Cricket Analytics workshop conducted by Mad About Sports in association with the IPL team Rajasthan Royals. Imagine Working on your Favourite Sport. I got an opportunity to learn about Cricket Analysis using Python. It was a great experience. I would use this opportunity to thank our Instructors David Gladson and Mad About Sports.
Very Analytical and Insightful
Very Analytical and InsightfulManav Paneliya
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Hello to everyone. I've wanted to play cricket since I was a child, but I couldn't. When I heard about the cricket analyst workshop by Mad About Sports for a week, David Gladson, our mentor in this course, taught us all we needed to know about analytics from the ground up. He showed me how to extract insights from data throughout this training. It was very enjoyable to compare two players, V Kohli VS Sachin and AB Devilliers VS Bumrah, to see who was superior based on the facts.
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