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Mr. Mitesh Jain

Chief Sports Psychologist at Mandeha
6+ Years of Work Experience

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Winner: GHP Award – 2020
Nominee: IFAH – Top 100 Healthcare Leaders Award – 2019


Get Trained & Certified by a Sports Psychologist Analyst Expert

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Enroll before October 05, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 14,500 for FREE!

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Enroll before October 05, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 14,500 for FREE!

Is your answer YES to any of these categories?

✅ I want to work with Sports Teams, Coaches, Players and help them improve their game

✅ I am a coach / parent and want to help my mentee / child excel in the sport

✅ I want to know how elite athletes achieve success in their career

✅ I want to know more about how an athlete brain functions in pressure situations

I don’t play any sport but I want to improve my mindset and mental toughness in general

✅ I am a psychology student already and now want to shift and make a career in Sports Psychology


If you want ANY of the above, then you're invited to join the

5-day sports Psychology Workshop

Enroll before October 05, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 14,500 for FREE!

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What will you learn in the 5-Day Live Workshop?


Introduction to Applied Sport Psychology
Understanding roles and skills as mental trainings for Athletes as Children, Adult, Parents & Coaches.

20 minutes – Watch at your own pace


Mental Skills Training before game-day for Athletes in Practice and Pre-Competition phase for Champion Mindset.

20 minutes – Watch at your own pace


Comprehensive Overview of Mental Skills for Athletes in Competition and Post-Competition phase in preparing your athletes for Success.

20 minutes – Watch at your own pace


Live Case study of Legendary Athletes like Michael Jordan, Sachin & Muhammad Ali to Overcome Mental Blocks & Achieve Success. Learn the skills you can apply to improve your mindset as an athlete / improve mindset of any athlete training under you.

3 hours Live Session (12 PM – 3 PM)


Get all your doubts about the sports psychology field resolved directly from Mitesh in this live session.

1-hour Live Doubt Clearing Session (12 PM – 1 PM)

Enroll before October 05, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 14,500 for FREE!

Who is this workshop for?

Athletes & Coaches

In the high pressure world of sport which has the potential to be a big career, psychology is the centerpiece to development. Find another gear in your performance and unlock dimension in your coaching!

Parents of Athletes & Aspiring Sportspersons

Being a parent in sport is tough! You want what is best for your child but little information on how to help athletes! This workshop allows you to understand how the psychology of athletes and sport works! Sign up to make your tough job easier!

Sport Field Aspirants

Building a diverse resume with experience of the different aspects of work is crucial! Get that experience from an inside-industry expert with global experience

Content Developers & Media Professionals

With so many international players highlighting the importance of the mental aspect of sport it is important to have in-depth understand of the dynamics of the mind in sport.

Psychology Students

Understand an upcoming field is crucial in career planning. Workshop experience in a new field is also something higher education institutions and recruiters look for, boosting acceptance rates by over 40%

Psychology Job Seekers

Build an impressive resume with practical work & projects to back your Skills & get certified by a Sports Psychologist.

Register before October 05, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 14,500

Bonus 1

VALUE: Rs. 4,000

Technique of Mental Muscle Relaxation Procedure & Breathing Retraining

Bonus 2

VALUE: Rs. 3,000

Worksheet of Self-awareness & Goal-setting Success Plan

Bonus 3

VALUE: Rs. 2,500

Assessments Testing Emotional Regulation Level of Mental Skills in athletes.

Bonus 4

VALUE: Rs. 2,500

eBook – Making the Brain Body Connection a Playful Guide to Releasing Mental, Physical Emotional Blocks to Success by Sharon Promislow

Bonus 5

VALUE: Rs. 2,500

Resources links – Esports Psychology and how it works

Time is Running Out. Grab Your Seat Fast!


Enroll before October 05, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 14,500 for FREE!

BTW, you're not the first to attend the Sports Psychology Workshop

Over 3300+ students have already enrolled earlier & learnt how to solve real life sports analytical problems with hands-on practice!

Enroll before October 05, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 14,500 for FREE!

Meet your mentor!

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MR. Mitesh Jain

Hi, I’m Mitesh Jain, Chief Sports Psychologist at Mandeha with Applied work experience of 6+ years, 240+ Athletes both National and International Levels while working for various Sports & Esports Academies.

I have trained in National Institute of Malaysia as a Sports Psychologist and Since then have received multiple awards and recognition in the field of sports and psychology.

My expertise is evolved by the power of Sports Psychology to enhance mental well-being to sports academies and athletes. This unique approach in Esports & Sport Psychology is to help you create, and effectively develop a winning culture and champion mindset.

At this course, my goal is to share and execute my long-term sport psychology strategies and tips for you with one goal of skill based learning. Secondly, this course contains the knowledge of sports psychology with intent to provide techniques and methodologies to design the best mental toughness training suited for athletes’ skills, attitudes, mindset, and overall mental health.

Enroll before October 05, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 14,500 for FREE!


I’ve tried my best to answer all frequently asked questions. For further queries, please email me at [email protected]. My amazing support team will reply within 8 working hours. 🙂

The workshop starts on Wednesday, 8th February, 2023

Great question. It’s a mix of both.

First 3 Days of the Workshop – You’ll get access to recorded videos of 20 minutes each which you can watch at your own pace.

Day 4 (3-hour long Live session) – No recordings of this session. Saturday 12 PM – 3 PM

Day 5 (1 hour long Q&A session) – Sunday 12 PM – 1 PM.

Day 1 (Wednesday):  20 mins recorded session (Watch whenever you’re free on that day)

Day 2 (Thursday):  20 mins recorded session (Watch whenever you’re free on that day)

Day 3 (Friday):  20 mins recorded session (Watch whenever you’re free on that day)

Day 4 (Saturday):  3 hours live session between 12 PM-3 PM (Live session – no recordings)

Day 5 (Sunday):  1 hour live Q&A session between 12 PM-1 PM (Live session – no recordings)

Day 1-3: These will be recorded lectures that you can watch at your own pace.

Day 4-5: These are live sessions that will be conducted over the weekend. We expect you to attend it live itself. If there is an emergency and you cannot attend, we will help you with changing your batch once.

Yes, you don’t need to have any prior knowledge in order to enroll for this workshop.

All your doubts will be entertained during the workshop in the Q&A time.

There is no prerequisite to attend the workshop. We will be teaching everything from scratch and so, all of you can attend this workshop!

Yes, you would be getting a certificate of completion from Mad About Sports stating that you have successfully completed a workshop on Sports Psychology.

All the bonuses mentioned above will be unlocked during the live sessions.

Please email us at [email protected] & our awesome support team will get back to you as soon as possible (within 8 working hours).

Still not Convinced?

Go to LinkedIn & search for our brand name “Mad About Sports”. You will find 1000’s of happy participants thanking me for the workshops and masterclass.  Go to Trustpilot & read our reviews. I am sure you will be convinced in no time. 😀

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Excellent Reviews (Avg 4.7/5)
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Let us make a Simple Promise right now – By the end of this workshop, you will have a detailed understanding of sports psychology, the mental skills and training involved in it, the mindset of a champion, the kind of application it has and how it can be used.

The workshop will make you equipped with the required knowledge of sports psychology, which can help you a long way as an athlete in your sport.

Enroll before October 05, 2023 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 14,500 for FREE!

PS: This is the last call to action. Click on the button above to learn Sports Psychology and improve your mindset as an athlete.

Registration Before

October 05, 2023

Workshop Dates

Wednesday, 8th February -
Sunday, February 12th, 2023

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