Asia Cup Winners list from 1984 to 2022

Asia Cup winners list

The 15th edition of Cricket Asia Cup will start from 27 August 2022 with the first match being played between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.

Like the 2016 edition, this year’s Asia Cup will also be played in a T20 format. A total of 6 teams will play including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and one team among UAE, Kuwait, Hong Kong, and Singapore, who are set to play qualifiers from 20 August. 

All the T20 Asia Cup matches will be played in UAE with Sri Lanka being the host nation(The tournament can’t be played in Sri Lanka because of geo-political and internal crisis). 

So, this was about the latest edition of Asia Cup 2022. 

Let us now have a look at who were the winners in the previous editions of Asia Cup 

Asia Cup History

Talking about Asia Cup’s history, the first ever Asia cup tournament was held in UAE in the year 1984. Only 3 teams -India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka participated. With India winning the tournament after defeating both Sri Lanka and Pakistan in round robin league matches.

The second edition of Asia Cup was played in the year 1986, with Sri Lanka lifting the trophy after defeating Pakistan in the finals by 5 wickets. 

Since 1984 a total of 14 tournaments have been played, with host nations across Asia(India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE & Pakistan).

The Asia Cup used to be played in One Day International format until 2016. But because of the growing popularity of T20 cricket and the decrease in viewers attention span, it was shifted to T20 format in the year 2016

India has won a total of 7 Asia Cups and is the most successful team. They have won the last 2 titles and are all set to win their 3rd consecutive title this year. 

The second most successful team is Sri Lanka winning 5 titles in the years: 1986, 1997, 2004, 2008 & 2014. 

On the other hand Pakistan has won 2 title in the years: 2000 & 2012.

Bangladesh and Afghanistan are yet to win their maiden Asia Cup. 

Asia Cup Winners and Runner-up List – 1984 to 2022

The list of winners for the Asia Cup has been dominated by 3 cricketing nations India(7), Sri Lanka(5) and Pakistan(2). 

Down below is the complete list of Asia Cup winners and runner-up across the 14 editions played . 

EditionYearWinnerRunner-UpFormatMan of the TournamentHost
1st1984IndiaSri-LankaODISurinder KhannaUAE
2nd1986Sri lankaPakistanODIArjuna RanatungaSri Lanka
3rd1988IndiaSri LankaODINavjot Sing SidhuBangladesh
4th1990/91IndiaSri LankaODINo AwardIndia
5th1995IndiaSri LankaODINavjot Singh SidhuUAE
6th1997Sri LankaIndiaODIArjuna RanatungaSri Lanka
7th2000PakistanSri LankaODIMohammad YousufBangladesh
8th2004Sri LankaIndiaODISanath JayasuriyaSri Lanka
9th2008Sri LankaIndiaODIAjantha MendisPakistan
10th2010IndiaSri LnakaODIShahid AfridiSri Lanka
11th2012PakistanBangladeshODIShakib Al HasanBangladesh
12th2014Sri LankaPakistanODILahiru ThirimanneBangladesh
13th2016IndiaBangladeshT20ISabbir RahmanBangladesh
14th2018IndiaBangladeshODIShikhar DhawanUAE

It is quite evident after reading the later half of the above table that Bangladesh has started to appear as a fairly strong contender for the Asia Cup as they finished as runners up in the years 2012, 2016 & 2018.

Only time will tell if they have extra mileage to finish at the top or will old cricketing super powers take the cup once again.

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So there you have, the complete list of Asia Cup winners, runners-up, host nations and man of the tournaments over the last 38 years.

The tournament is set to come back in T20I format once again and it will be interesting to see how teams fair before going to the T20 World Cup which is schedule to start from October 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who has won most Asia Cups?

India has won the most number of Asia Cups in the history of tournament. Out of the 14 editions played, India has won 7 of them.

2. How many teams are there in Asia Cup 2022?

Asia Cup 2022 will have 6 teams which will be divided into 2 groups. The nations playing in this tournament will be India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and one qualifier among UAE, Kuwait, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

3. Which format is Asia Cup 2022?

The Asia Cup 2022 will be played in T20 format. The last time this tournament was played in a T2OI format was in the year 2016.

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