Bazball Maneuver Misses the Mark

Bazball Maneuver Misses the Mark


Bumrah and Ashwin’s excellence on day 4 aided India to emerge victorious in the 2nd test against England at Vizag.  

Earlier in day 1, India won the toss and decided to bat at Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy ACA-VDCA Cricket Stadium, Visakhapatnam. India made 3 changes to their elevens.

Rajat Patidar made his debut, Kuldeep replaced Jadeja and Mukesh replaced Siraj. England made 2 changes to their elevens. Anderson returned in place of Wood and Shoaib Bashir made his debut. England played 4 spinners and only one pacer.

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Jaiswal’s Heroics

Rohit and Jaiswal started the innings for India. Jaiswal’s aggressive approach is becoming a trademark for himself. His brand of cricket and intentions are clear, “ Hit the ropes or Hit over the ropes.” Even though both openers hit some boundaries early on, there wasn’t a steady flow of runs in the first session of day 1. Both of them added 40 runs for the 1st wicket.

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Rohit was the first man to go and failed yet again in the series for a low score of 14 runs. Then Gill paired up with Jaiswal in the middle. Stokes’ field setup was excellent, as boundaries came only on a few occasions.  Gill’s intent was positive and he played some well-timed drives. Shubman Gill has looked much better today compared to his previous outings in Test match cricket. He has looked a lot more positive and looked to score runs. Jaiswal had only one gear while playing.

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He punished every loose ball to the boundaries. They added 49 runs for the 2nd wicket as Gill departed for a decent 34 with 5 boundaries and fell for Anderson. 

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Then Iyer joined hands with Jaiswal in the middle. Jaiswal scored his 50 in 91 balls. According to his standard and brand of play, it was a sedate 50.

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But then after lunch, he started to play the way he often used to. His timing was exquisite and the shots he played were an eye-pleaser. Iyer on the other hand gave good company to Jaiswal and hit a couple of boundaries when needed. Jaiswal got an extraordinary century from 151 balls. It was the 2nd century of his career. Both of them added 90 runs for the 2nd wicket. Most of the contribution was obviously from Jaiswal. Iyer fell for Hartley, scoring 27 of 59 balls.

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Then, the debutant Patidar joined with blazing Jaiswal. Jaiswal continued his aggression, and no one could stop him from England’s side. Even though wickets fell on the other end, he played his shots in a flow. It was a good/ decent start from the debutant. He looked really confident and timed the ball well. His defense technique was solid. While Jaiswal played the aggressive shots, Patidar played a good test innings. They added 70 runs for the 3rd wicket and Patidar was dismissed in an unlucky way. He scored 32 of 72 balls and fell for Rehan.

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On the other hand, Jaiswal was nearing his 150. Axar joined Jaiswal in the middle. Axar too played some decent shots and scored a couple more boundaries. Jaiswal reached his 150 in no time from his century. His aggression frustrated the bazballers. After a short stay, Axar departed for 27 runs.

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Bharat too, failed to make an impression and fell for a low score of 17 from 23. At the end of day 1 India scored 336/6 as Jaswal and Ashwin stayed unbeaten with 179 and 5 respectively.

Earlier the day 2, India resumed the play. Jaiswal continued his style of play. Ashwin got out on 20 and Kuldeep came in. And finally, Jaiswal scored his first double-century. 


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A great inning from a fearless youngster. Jaiswal scored a brilliant, top-notch 209 and fell for Anderson. Both Mukesh and Bumrah went in a span of 1 run. India was bowled out for 396. Other than Jaiswal the 2nd top scorer was Gill, who scored 34. This showed how important was Jasiwal’s knock.

Frame 344

Bumrah’s Firey Spell

Then England started their innings with the bazball approach, which was expected. Ben Duckett and Zack Crawley opened the innings. Both of them were dealing only with boundaries. Both of them added 59 runs for the 1st wicket. Kuldeep drew the first blood for India. He took Duckett’s wicket. Zack Crawley played exceptionally well and frustrated the Indian bowlers.

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Ollie Pope too hit some good boundaries which concerned the Indian team. 

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This time Axar came and gave a break-through. He sent Well settled Crawley was sent to the pavilion by an extraordinary catch by Iyer. 

From here, it was Bumrah’s show all over. He first dismissed Root and then bowled an exceptional, unplayable yorker which dismissed Pope.

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Then Bairstow joined with Stokes. Again Bumrah struggled the English batters. He now dismissed Bairstow. Stokes on the other end did some damage control. He added a decent 47 and fell for Bumrah’s excellence. 

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Rehan and Foakes fell prey to Kuldeep’s spin. After a cameo of 21, Hartley too fell for Bumrah and he managed to pick a five-fer. At last, he took the Anderson wicket and picked a six-fer in the first innings.

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In their first innings, England scored 253 and India got 143 runs lead. From India’s side, Bumrah picked 6 wickets and Kuldeep managed to take 3 wickets. Jasprit Bumrah became the quickest Indian fast bowler to pick 150 Test wickets during the second Test against England played at the VDCA Stadium on Saturday. At the end of day 2, India scored 28 runs and took a lead of 171 runs.

Composed Gill Played a Top Knock

Rohit and Jaiswal continued the innings on day 3. Anderson obstructed their way. He dismissed the skipper and also the double-centurion of the first innings. They both scored 13 and 17 respectively.

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Then Gill joined hands with Iyer. He played with the same positive intent as he played in the 1st innings. He was calm and composed and displayed no haste in scoring runs. 

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yer accompanied him well. Singles, doubles and boundaries flowed seamlessly after a decent 29 Iyer was caught by an excellent catch by the opposition skipper. 

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Gill on the other hand scored a good fifty. Patidar joined him. Unlike the first innings, Patidar couldn’t even cross the double innings. He fell for just 9 and was sent to the pavilion by Rehan. 

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Axar joined Gill in the middle. He and Gill played really well. Both of them scored boundaries in a frequent interval. Gill brought his century after 12 test innings. He was exceptional the other day. Both of them added 89 runs for the 5th wicket and this time the centurion Gill departed.

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Axar fell prey to Hartley’s spin and missed a chance to score a fifty, after a well-made 45. Then Ashwin played a decent 29 and contributed to setting a target. After Ashwin’s wicket, it was a matter of time to bowl out team India. India scored 255 in their second innings and set a target of a mammoth 399 to England. 

England started their innings as usual with the intent of scoring fast. In the process, Ben Duckett fell prey and Ashwin drew the first blood. At the end of day 3 England was 67/1. 

Bazball Missed the Mark 

Earlier the day 4 Crawley and Rehan continued. Crawley frustrated the Indian team and played some good shots. He scored runs without even breaking a sweat. Rehan on the other hand gave good company to Crawley. 

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Axar gave the breakthrough earlier on day 4. He dismissed Rehan. Then Pope joined Crawley. The runs came early on, but India’s fielding was exceptional throughout the innings. Rohit took an extraordinary catch at slip to dismiss Pope. He fell prey to Ashwin.

Here’s where the downfall of England’s innings started. 

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Root, even though scored some boundaries fell for Ashwin’s brilliance as he played too aggressively.


Then Bairstow joined Crawley. Even though Crawley played some good shots, runs didn’t come from the other end. Before lunch, India showed the urgency of taking wickets. This resulted in the wicket of Crawley by Kuldeep which created a controversy among the England players. 

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Then skipper Stokes joined Bairstow in the middle. This partnership played too sedately. Runs didn’t come at a flow. As contradictory wickets came in flow. Bairstow fell for an excellent delivery that was reversed by Bumrah. Before lunch, India took 5 wickets which was because of the excellence of Ashwin and Bumrah.

After lunch, two new batters were in the crease. This Partnership played too slowly. Stokes fell for an excellent run out by Iyer which totally drowned the morale of the team. 

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Then Heartley joined with Foakes. Both built a slight partnership by playing singles and twos. Before that partnership grew a concern, Bumrah again dismissed Foakes with a decisive slower one.

Then Shoaib Bashir joined Hartley. At that point of time everything became a formality. Mukesh then departed Bashir and took his first wicket of the match. At last Bumrah came and cleared Hartley and made sure of the victory.

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By this victory India squared the series and moved to the 2nd position in the rankings of WTC25.


India should try to win the next game as it will affect the position in the world test championship race. Also since senior player Kohli returns to the team there will be some chopping and changing in the sides. Let’s see who gets sacked.

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