Contribution Factor analysis – New Man of the Tournament

Contribution Factor Analysis of the Under-19 Cricket World Cup t determine the Man of the Tournament

Contribution Factor – Cricket Analytics breakdown :

Contribution factor is an analytical parameter has been calculated based on an Innings, keeping in mind the performance of an average individual in the Championship. The recently concluded Under 19 Cricket World Cup saw an inspired Indian squad lift the trophy. While there was many a positives to be taken from the tournament for most of the participating nations, what stood out for the champions was the team effort they put forward, with each player contributing.

Who is the real man of the tournament?
Raj Bawa – The man of the tournament?

Dewald Brevis :

Baby AB: The center of attraction of this tournament has been Dewald Brevis, also named as Baby AB by the fans and critics for his dynamism and outstanding batting abilities resembling the South African legend AB de Villiers. Brevis displayed an outstanding hunger to score runs at this very young age, he scored about 506 runs in just 6 Innings leaving the very next best scorer of the tournament behind by about 120 runs. Not surprisingly, the end of the tournament saw him declared Man of the Tournament.

Contribution Factor Parameters :

Now we bring in the Contribution Factor parameters in order to find out how big was the contribution of each player in this tournament. Lets look at the various Contribution Factor parameters essential to the analysis.

Team Contribution Factor: 

This is calculated to find out the contribution impact of the 16 participating teams in the Tournament.

Batting Contribution Factor: 

This parameter looks at the contribution impact of each player with the bat with respect to the standard batting performance displayed on average by an individual in an innings.

Bowling Contribution Factor: 

This parameter shows us the contribution impact of a player with the ball in hand, taking the average performance of an individual player in an innings as standard.

Highest impact team :

Let us look at the highest impact team according to contribution to the total aggregate numbers of the tournament :

Batting Aggregate:

The aggregate of the tournament seems like:-

Completed Matches: 46 Runs Scored: 16223 Deliveries Faced: 23003 4s:1557 6s:338

50s: 69 100s:20

Taking these aggregate values as the basis some of the calculated parameters are

RPI(Runs Per Innings): 

This refers to the number of runs scored in each of the total number of innings or knocks that has been played in the tournament by the players. The RPI for this tournament is 18.89, i.e., to say that if any random player is considered then he has scored at least about 18 runs whenever he has come out to bat.

SR(Strike Rate): 

Strike Rate helps us to find out how quickly a team or a player has scored runs in his innings. In the fourteenth U19 CWC the average strike rate for every innings batted has been about 70.52 per 100 balls faced.

BPB(Balls Per Boundary): 

This lets us have an idea about the boundary scoring ability of an individual or Teams. The average value of the parameter in the tournament is about 12 deliveries taken to score one six or a four.

HCF(Half Century Frequency): 

This refers to the interval between two 50+ scores. In this case the standard value for the tournament is about 12 innings for one 50 plus score.

CF(Century Frequency):

 This parameter gives an idea about the interval between two 100+ scores. The standard value of CF in the tournament is about 43 Innings taken for one Century plus score.

Contribution Factor Analysis :

Team Batting Contribution Factor: 

Keeping the above stated parameters in consideration when the Contribution Factors of the Teams are calculated we get the following results.

Fig: Comparison of Batting Contribution Factors of the Teams
Fig: Comparison of Batting Contribution Factors of the Teams

So, we see that the team with highest batting contribution factor in the tournament has been the Champions India.

Player Contribution Factor: 

Lets find out the highest contributing batsman of the tournament.

Fig: Batting CF of Players
Fig: Batting CF of Players

Observation: Quiet evidently Dewald Brevis has been the highest contributing batsman in the tournament.

Bowling Aggregate: 

The Bowling aggregate of the tournament seems like:-

Completed Matches: 46 Overs Bowled: 3821 Maidens: 288 Runs Conceded: 17335

Wickets Taken: 674 5 Wickets in Match: 12

The parameters calculated to get to the Bowling Contribution Factor are:

OPM(Over Per Maiden): This refers to the number of overs expended to get on maiden over. The average value here for the tournament is about 13 overs.

RPO(Runs Per Over): As is evident from the name it refers to the runs conceded by a bowler per over. The average value is about 4.53 Runs Per Over for the tournament.

BPW(Balls Per Wicket): This shows us how many deliveries have been expended by the bowers to strike a wicket. The value for this parameter is 34 or about five and a half overs for one wicket.

RPW(Runs Per Wicket): From this parameter we get a look at the fact that how many runs have been considered by the bowlers on average before dismissing a batsman. The standard value for this tournament has been about 26 runs for one wicket.

5WKF(5 Wickets Frequency): This parameter refers to the fact that how many spells have been bowled by the bowlers or how many innings they have bowled to get a five-wicket haul. The standard value is about 49.

Team Bowling Contribution Factor: 

Lets find out the highest contributing bowling team of the tournament.

Fig: Bowling CF of Teams
Fig: Bowling CF of Teams

Quite surprisingly on an innings wise analysis the highest impact bowling team of the tournament has been Pakistan.

Player Contribution Factor: 

Time to find out the highest impact bowler of the tournament.

Fig: Bowling CF of Players in U19 WC
Fig: Bowling CF of Players in U19 WC

Observation: Vicky Ostwal from India has been the highest impact bowler with 5 other of his fellow team mates in the top 10.

But very interestingly we see that a few players have appeared in both the batting and balling CF top 10 lists. This shows the all round versatility of the players.

Highest Contributing Player of The Tournament: 

Lets look at the players who contributed the most in the tournament be it with the bat or bowl or in both disciplines. Performance above average in both the disciplines has been awarded with a certain all-round performance co efficient in the final observation.

Fig: CF of Players in Tournament
Fig: CF of Players in Tournament

Conclusion-Raj Bawa, Man of The Tournament: 

So, we see that performance above average in both batting and bowling have taken Raj Bawa at the top of the most contributing players of the tournament. Also if the factor is taken in to account that India lifted the trophy we can say that Raj Bawa has been a major winning factor for his team among many others.

While taking nothing away from Dewald Brevis’ awesome batting performance the fact that as a team South Africa was worse than India and finish 7th in the tournament should have been kept in mind while giving away the Man of the Tournament award. While Dewald Brevis was the best batsman of the tournament by quite a distance, it was Raj Bawa who should have received the Man of The Tournament.

Data Source: Statsguru, Cricinfo

Inspiration: The inspiration for Contribution Factor has came from Impact Index mentioned in Numbers Do Lie by Impact Index and Akash Chopra

Courtesy: Thanks to Mad About Sports and David Gladson sir for all the help and Co operation.

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Author : Probuddha Bhattacharjee

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