What is false shot & false shot percentage in cricket?

What is false shot and false shot percentage

In cricket, a false shot is a shot that is edged or missed by the batsman. False shot percentage is a measure of how often a batsman plays a false shot. A lower false shot percentage indicates that a batsman is more in control of their shots and is less likely to make mistakes. Batsmen with a low false shot percentage tend to have higher averages and strike rates.

In this blog post, we will discuss what false shots are, how false shot percentage is calculated, and examples on how to evaluate it.

False Shot Percentage Explained

False Shot Percentage is a statistical measure that calculates a batsman’s precision and control by calculating the ratio of false shots played to the total number of shots attempted. False shots refers to instances when a batsman edges, misses or mistimes the ball while attempting a shot. These shots can stem from various factors, including pitch conditions, the quality of bowling, the state of the game, and the batsman’s form.

False shots percentage can be calculated by using the following formula:

False shot % =  (Number of False Shots/Total Number of Shots Attempted) ×100

For example, if a batsman has played 25 false shots out of 100 attempted shots, the false shot percentage would be:

False shot % = (25/100) x 100 = 25%

What is False Shot Percentage Used For?

False Shot Percentage can be used for variety of purposes such as:

  1. Assessing Batsman’s Technique: A low false shot percentage gives an impression that the batsman has good timing, shot selection, and control. Such batsmen exhibit a mastery of the game’s nuances and are likely to be consistent performers.
  2. Identifying Weaknesses: A high false shot percentage may indicate areas of weakness in a batsman’s technique or decision-making process. It can also signal a batsman’s vulnerability against specific types of bowling attacks.
  3. Tracking Performance Over Time: By monitoring changes in a batsman’s false shot percentage over different phases of their career, analysts can measure improvements or decline in their overall skill set.
  4. Evaluating Match Situations: In high-pressure situations, such as run chases or crucial stages in a match, false shot percentage can reflect a batsman’s composure and ability to handle pressure.

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Examples of False Shot Percentage

Let’s delve into a couple of scenarios to highlight the practical application of false shot percentage:

Example 1: The Consistent Maestro

Imagine a seasoned batsman renowned for his/her textbook strokes and consistency. Over a series of matches, their false shot percentage hovers around a mere 10%. What does it indicate?

This indicates that the batsman has a strong command over his/her shots, seldom mistiming or completely missing shots. Analysts and fans alike can look at this low false shot percentage as a testament to the player’s technical prowess and his/her knack for accumulating runs without taking unnecessary risks.

Example 2: The Dynamic Newcomer

Now, picture a young, aggressive batsman making his/her mark on the international stage. His/her false shot percentage averages around 25%, significantly higher than that of the seasoned player. While this may raise concerns about shot selection, it’s essential to contextualize this statistic. 

The newcomer’s false shot percentage might be a reflection of their fearless approach, taking risks to score quickly and disturb the rhythm of bowlers. As the player gains experience, his/her false shot percentage may decrease, potentially becoming a more accurate indicator of his/her overall batting skill.

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False Shot Percentage, while a seemingly straightforward statistic, unveils layers of insight into a batsman’s playing style, temperament, and development. It guides coaches, analysts, and fans in assessing a player’s performance beyond runs scored.  

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