Highest Batting Average In T20Is – Top Three Players

highest batting average in t20i

The T20 format of cricket has revolutionized the game in many ways. It has brought a new level of excitement and entertainment to the sport, with its fast-paced action and big hits. 

One of the most important aspects of this short game format is batting, and it takes a special kind of player to excel in this format. 

One way to measure a player’s batting ability is by their average, which is calculated by dividing the number of runs scored by the number of times they have been dismissed. 

While there are many batsmen who have dominated this format of cricket, in this blog, we will take a look at the ones who have the highest career batting average in T20Is (minimum 20 innings) and their overall numbers with it. 

So let’s find out who’s on top of this chart!

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Highest T20I Batting Average

As of January 2023, the batsman with the highest average in T20I is none other than India’s Virat Kohli. The former Indian skipper has remarkable numbers in T20 cricket:


Looking at the numbers, we can see that Kohli has scored 4008 runs in 107 innings so far, having a batting average of 52.73, which is the highest of all players.

Virat Kohli’s resurgence to top tier cricket is remarkable. At one time it was looking like he was past his best, but only for him to come back as one of his best versions. 

virat kohli's avergae in T20I

As they say, form is temporary but class is permanent. And Virat Kohli is the epitome of class!

2nd Highest T20I Batting Average

Number 2 on this elite list is Pakistan’s Mohammad Rizwan. Yes, not Babar Azam, but Rizwan. The pakistani batsman who is also currently number two on ICC Men’s T20I player rankings, has the following record in T20Is:


So from these stats, we can see that Rizwan, who has been on the top of his game for a long time, has scored 2635 runs from 69 innings so far, and has a batting average of 48.79

Mohammad Rizwan's average in T20I

The duo of Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan has taken Pakistan to great heights in the recent years, specially in the T20 format. The form of these two players looks promising for Pakistan cricket. 

3rd Highest T20I Batting Average

The third player on this list is New Zealands’ Devon Conway. The 31 year old who was born in South Africa and played for them, only started playing for New Zealand from 2020 onwards and has some promising stats in T20Is:


Conway, who has only recently started representing the Kiwis in international cricket, has had a good start to his career with 1170 runs from 32 innings, and a batting average of 48.75

Devon Conway's average in T20I

Compared with Rizwan, Conway is only marginally behind him in batting averages, with a difference of 0.4!


The T20 format of cricket is one which is continuously evolving, and fast changing. But the one number or stat which a batsman will always be chasing, is that of having a high batting average. 

In this limited over format, a batsman does not have the option to take his time and settle in the game. He needs to be firing the moment he steps on the field. And the ones who have the best average doing so, are mentioned above in the blog.

But we must keep in mind that this list can change very soon, as T20Is happen thick and fast. Right now King Kohli is on the top, but we will have to see for how long. 

And the one who seems to be challenging him the most? His Indian teammate Surya Kumar Yadav! WIll he be able to overtake Kohli? Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure, the coming time will definitely be exciting for all cricket lovers!

Over 231 students have started their journey in Sports with us.

We can help you as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the number one batsman in ICC Men’s T20I player rankings right now? (as of January 2023)

Currently India’s Surya Kumar Yadav is first in ICC Men’s T20I player rankings, with 908 points to his name. 

2. Which batsman has the highest score in a T20I?

Australia’s Aaron Finch has the highest score in a T20I, having hit 172 runs against Zimbabwe in 2018. 

3. Which is the number one Men’s T20 cricket team right now? (as of January 2023)

India is currently the number one Men’s T20 cricket team, with 17,636 points and a rating of 267.

4. Who is considered as the number one T20I batsman of all-time?

England’s Dawid Malan is crowned as the best T20I batsman of all-time, with 915 points.

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