How do Smart Wickets and Smart Bails Work?

how led wickets work

Technology is growing like water in a bucket and is impacting every corner of our world.

Various advancements in technology are being made to help with the various decisions that take place in everyday life.

Crucial decisions are being made easy through data analysis and the use of technology which are helping teams make helpful decisions regarding their strategies and look for areas of improvement.

However, there are different ways through which technology helps in the game of cricket and one such is the use of Smart Wickets and Smart Bails.

So, How do Smart Wickets and Smart Bails Work?

What are Smart Wickets and Smart Bails?

what are smart wickets

Smart Wickets and Smart Bails commonly LED wickets are used in the game of Cricket and help umpires make accurate decisions by lighting up whenever there is an impact with the stumps.

Well, they’re not merely used for decorative purposes but have a far more practical use as well.

The stumps are fitted with LED lights and are made with composite plastics instead of traditional wood. Their use was approved by the International Cricket Council in 2013.

Why are LED Stumps used in Cricket?

Why LED Stumps are required in cricket

If the Batsman is outside the crease, at that point if the ball hits the wicket and both ends of the Bail are removed from the wicket, the batsman is considered Out.

However, this was extremely hard for the umpire to judge during close calls when one end of the bail left the stumps at a different time.

This is where the Smart Wickets and Smart Stumps come into play as they have been designed to flash only when the bails lose contact from both ends of the wicket allowing the umpires to make a better decision.

It’s no secret that the bails contain batteries which power the lights, but let’s see in a bit depth how the Smart Wickets and Smart Bails Work!

How do Smart Wickets and Smart Bails Work?

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The Bails light up as soon as both ends of the bail lose contact with the wicket, this equipment is called the Zing Wicket System.

This System was made by a former Australian Grade Cricketer by the name of Bronte Eckermann and got the idea for the system by playing with his daughter’s toy which had LEDs and was the same size as a bail.

The Smart Bails have a microprocessor which is able to detect when the bails lose contact with the stumps and light up within 1/1000th of a second.

Under any conditions that may be presented during a cricket match, the bails will only flash if they lose contact with the stumps on both ends.

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There are constant advancements in the game of cricket which help eliminate every minute error or any area that may face mistakes.

Cricket is a very competitive sport and even the most minute of decisions could play a huge impact in determining the end result of the sport.

This is where the use of technology and continuous advancements play a crucial role as they’re able to help us see what the naked eye can’t see and detect what we don’t notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Bails & Stumps Flash in Cricket?

The Bails and Stumps being used in cricket are not made of traditional wood but with composite plastic and have LED lights along with microprocessors which light up at 1/1000th of a second once contact is lost between the stumps and the bails.

How technology has improved cricket?

Technology has enabled umpires to make better decisions and also plays a crucial part in the sport nowadays. It allows the match to be fairer as every minute detail of the match can be captured and monitored.

How do smart wickets and smart bails work?

Smart Wickets and Bails flash when the bails lose connection with the wicket on both ends. Smart bails have a microprocessor that detects when the contact between the bail and the stump is lost and starts to flash in 1/1000th of a second.

What different technologies are used in cricket?

Here’s a list of the top technologies used in Cricket:
1. Edge Detection
2. Ball Tracking
3. Smart Bails
4. Bird’s Eye View
5. Drones
6. Graphics and animations
7. Power Analysis
8. Speed Gun
9. Front Foot Technology
10. Pitch Vision
11. Decision Review System(DRS)
12. Snick-o-meter
13. Smart Bails

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