India’s Best Playing XI for Asia Cup 2022, According to Data Analysis

India's playing 11 for Asia Cup

With the Asia Cup right around the corner, everyone is guessing about how India will be lining up their playing XI. 

To ease out this task, we will be providing you with data backed answers as to what will be India’s best playing X1 for the Asia Cup 2022. 

India’s squad for Asia Cup traveling to UAE consists of 15 players:

Rohit Sharma (Captain), KL Rahul (vice-captain), Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, Deepak Hooda, Rishabh Pant (wicket-keeper), Dinesh Karthik (wicket-keeper), Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, R. Ashwin, Yuzvendra Chahal, Ravi Bishnoi, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Arshdeep Singh, Avesh Khan


  • Due to injuries, Jasprit Bumrah and Harshal Patel were not available for selection. At the NCA in Bengaluru, they are presently undergoing rehabilitation.
  • As backups, three players have been named: Shreyas Iyer, Axar Patel, and Deepak Chahar.

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India’s Best 11 for Asia Cup

Position 1,2 &3 – Rohit, Rahul & Kohli

Now, let’s take a closer look at the Indian players’ performances and assess each player’s strengths and best spots.

As you can see, the chart below shows the total number of balls played by batsmen from every country.

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It is clear from the image above that the top two spots for India are secured by Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli.

Now let us see how Indian batsmen fare when it comes to most balls played between wickets. 

Most Balls played between wickets(Indian Batsmen)

hhYuGo QRULv39gTfJav3UPD BBwG3qLlPDMTtsiM nGb3SfuUZKsR1ZZG1TZWJPoPEDEqKfiDXEogsOT9JoFp3dmRIwu1XsMClSa9mdo33k7JW0w2JbfIuJ0seGcECTaLG6XqTl5N0SOa7DYRZKVCQ64sAEF6uuFdDnwYzX9dMV8wu0iBdN2ICsw
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While Ishan and Rohit Sharma have a higher dot ball percentage as compared to other players, their overall past record indicates that they are explosive openers. This is indicative by the fact that they have better boundary percentage as they are dealing with fours and sixes.

41UtPwKU1HaBur89agl3guvK6BD81sjq3cMPcBGoXCNcY1A3UJOPnJqD6nu7jfSujaWqAq9grwZHbpGPX zuhbu2U7dGh1D64cD p pohGY9YEyO5oiIYfzFhxAW0P2LAB EFRTwOD9tvCWVAn

Higher Strike Rate in the powerplay

Also, in the T20 games, Rahul and Rohit both had good strike rates. 

By considering all the graphs above, it will be better to conclude that both these players make excellent options for opening positions. On the other hand, if Virat Kohli does well in his position(number 3), he will be more helpful to the squad.

Gchm SfY80ejs1HD2gQ5gbwYvk37EHoPHoyoxYXThB88iJPX0cDrUmf4gzCt14RPGmFD5EN5O1T5yVBMjmcEPgmO9Zp8vGJXFH HQO5BynMlHagR2rH HLdvTVkh2QyrQZFd2OSvmR1Zz2EKoom7T

Final Top 3:

1. Rohit Sharma

2. KL Rahul

3. Virat Kohli

Position 4: Surya Kumar Yadav / Deepak Hooda

With a strike rate of 135 or more against spinners, Suriya Kumar Yadav performs seemingly well as compared to other counterparts. It goes without saying that he will be ideal for the middle-order spots. 

Deepak Hooda, on the other hand, scored 104 runs against Ireland. His consistency is excellent. He provides the team with crucial flexibility. He can occupy any position from 1 to 7 and also bowls off-spin.

6ehnN2uEPDTpACrJC5wzgVcYSC59lOytETzDZORTiCfbZmLj Cb9EENbJRpT6OoP53PCTt2iAnnlzwdGK5Q9aENfuIvHhp0zpV FbmSnKL4yo3452aKfpUP6X5Ta59lXm54C2 uS 1Zb nOuiD5uymvPIvdxccmiOMFlVonjKNBsb92C rLN9 JlKA
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Positon 5: Rishabh Pant (Wk)/ Dinesh Karthik (Wk)

Dinesh Karthik and Rishab Pant will be in a fierce competition for the spot of the wicket-keeper batsman in the team. It is quite interesting to see how well both these players performed in the previous T20 and IPL games. Selectors will have a lot of difficulties in selecting the finest option among them.

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Position 6,7 & 8 – Pandya, Jadeja & Chahal

Here is how Indian batsmen have fared in the final overs of T20I’s

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Players’ performances in the death overs

Below are some graphs of India’s power striker batsmen: Pandya, Karthik, Jadeja, Pant, Iyer & Axar patel. 

UBbwoEAp85X OebxgWKVO icBG4Nu1m0C50FjD65P9WXKLXvqkSd5UAftOEHrEWgUNxCRCrQlr4W8NuQVj87sSvjy37plU7OgCmpxITbqwVajgp7lhwtbXQeQi9NbqtRgyzUi6 kW1K068PcDKiFuEsomYLnpbeia P KdZfkYd7gkBnZsvIX9nsfw

Based on the above 2 graphs, it is clear that Pandya and Jadeja will be the best contenders for the position of number 6 & 7. 

J VvHxsJJOIljoBBJG54wigL153JpqN3hU6LstK8UOQRPwUu5VYzk41R6yj5XCJps5uBHg4HYs0DLEWgra2wtswYMCHARJ6B 2ZphiaKLYVwFQ0zjYtuT
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As a result of his impressive performances in both IPL and T20 games, Bishnoi finally deserves a place in the Indian team for the Asia Cup 2022. We have four spinners in the squad, so he must perform well whenever he has the chance. 

With Chahal and Jadeja certainly filling two spots, there will be stiff competition between Bishnoi and Ashwin for a place in the team.

i1HtJ8U86RNLnHbftcctT6zf3 pRPQ8GSzw q7QP14iC80oA1RuxAOZhnH76R4c2N3u1k8g9iAyCPZWeWi m7j0Dce31kVZ8fZyKDSaoNs5XJWCoVl DXUQvV9K 24zYSP9Ne8NW

Lower Middle Order, Spin & Pace options:

6. Hardik Pandya

7. R Jadeja

8. Chahal

Position 9, 10 & 11 – Ashwin, D Chahar & B Kumar

Best Bowling Options-Power Play :

As it is already known, Bhuvneshwar Kumar will be the ideal option for effective power play bowling. He has a good economy rate compared to other bowlers, as shown by the scatter plot below.

C62OohyZ VfCpA1ZiufKNDtsQ73b0zJwdq QWWxAeBwlZoIymzA1rfQotdASuhU0ZxOZZCB79HRZg3IsZOFfNy2 bEc4w82oTIaR8vnHUNvN4dbDed3fEE9bxaEHMWc6UGsn1iPoptNDJY3lDE66

Best Bowling Options – Death Overs :

Bumrah, Pandya, and Deepak Chahar would be the best choices, according to our bar graph. Since Bumrah is injured and unable to perform, Avesh Khan or Arshdeep Singh can take accountability. Considering the efforts in the recently finished series against the West Indies, Arshdeep Singh’s inclusion was unavoidable.

m1wPxCuZ8QUQlJ 7s5N7Q mtuy5b6HNtsXDl rnRGh20WPZ4DAQQBqOHsMTFew4juY QC21anX3vPEdh6BU9PF0WD9JrsURMH9e7NyIPwdCIIzWrC2b5BFr2b mvwTn6IizVrAew3e8JkvU0KdduJXBJT1WnWgZXStiqSP649jYQO1E29bZR4h6KzA
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Position 9, 10 & 11:

9. Ashwin

10. D Chahar

11. Bhuvneshwar Kumar

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In conclusion, we identified the top players for the forthcoming Asia Cup 2022 after closely examining player performance.

India’s Best XI for Asia Cup

1. Rohit Sharma ©

2. KL Rahul (VC)

3. Virat Kohli 

4. Surya Kumar Yadav

5. Dinesh Karthik (wk)

6. Hardik Pandya

7. Ravindra Jadeja

8. Chahal 

9. Ashwin

10. D Chahar

11. Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Thanks to our analysis, we believe this will be the strongest playing XI for team India in the Asia Cup. We have full faith in this team to do well, and get India its 8th Asia Cup trophy. 

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