Why I Should Play Fantasy Cricket? – 11 Reasons

reasons to play fantasy cricket

In a country like India, there is no sport bigger than cricket. Cricket is undoubtedly, the most loved and most followed sport in the nation. The inauguration of T-20 cricket has made the game more exciting and engaging for the fans. 

But just when fans thought that the game couldn’t get any more exciting, fantasy cricket happened! Fantasy cricket is an online platform where you can create a virtual team and compete against others to win real money. 

According to a report by the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports (FIFS), India recently became the world’s biggest fantasy market with 13 crore users. Fantasy cricket is the biggest contributor to this market and it will continue to grow at a 30% rate over the next four years. 

India’s fantasy sports market is projected to grow from Rs 34,600 crore in FY21 to an estimated Rs 1,65,000 crore by FY25. So you can imagine the size of this industry!

Disclaimer: Playing fantasy cricket has an element of financial risk and it can be addictive. Please play it wisely and at your own risk. 

In this blog, we tell you the top 11 reasons why you should play fantasy cricket contests and what are the benefits of playing it. 

This is something that can be highly rewarding for you, so don’t miss the rest of the blog. 

Read on…..

Top 11 Reasons To Play Fantasy Cricket

Now, keeping all the industry stats mentioned above aside, the question arises: Why play fantasy cricket in the first place? 

How will playing fantasy cricket benefit you? 

Without delaying it further, let us quickly understand the reasons behind it: 

1. Make your own team

Fantasy cricket gives you the option to create your own playing 11 for a match. Rather than investing money in a pre-set team, you can create your own custom team from scratch. 

It gives you a thrill and allows you to experience the side of the coach and captain who select the actual playing 11 as in the real scenario. 

Every player has a price, and you are given certain credits to fill your team. You can pick the best team according to your own choices from the allocated budget, and play fantasy cricket. 

2. Earn real money and rewards

earn money with fanntasy cricket

Probably the biggest benefit of playing fantasy cricket is that you get to earn real money and win actual rewards. 

You can actually make a lot of money by playing fantasy cricket if you invest wisely and play smartly. There are people who have won lakhs of rupees and taken up fantasy cricket as a full-time career option due to its highly rewarding nature. 

A majority of these fantasy platforms also give out rewards like shoes, clothes, smart watches, mobile phones, etc. 

3. Learn more about the game

Once you start playing fantasy cricket, you get to learn more about the game. You need to do a lot of research and analysis while making your best 11. This increases your knowledge about the game and you start seeing cricket from another perspective. 

Instead of making your playing 11 based on regular understanding of the players, now start to go a bit more indepth to see how a player performs under specific conditions. 

Some of the factors which you can learn about and need to consider are:

1. Head to head statistics

2. Players current form

3. Weather conditions and pitch report

4. Team news and injury reports

Staying updated on these factors can help you in getting an upper hand in fantasy cricket and you can easily outrank your competitors. 

4. Put your skills to test

sharpen your skills while playing fantasy cricket

Are you someone who loves to discuss cricket with your friends and you always think that you know better than the rest? You actually get to put these skills to the test and find out if you actually know better than the rest or not. 

When playing fantasy cricket, all your skills and knowledge are used to create the best team possible. Your analytical skills along with your cricket knowledge come handy as you compete in contests. 

When competing with others, you actually get to find out if you actually have the skills to win competitions and how you can improve. So if you want to test your analytical skills and cricketing knowledge, fantasy cricket is a great option.

5. Freedom to choose

Fantasy cricket is very vast and gives you a lot of options to choose from. You get the freedom to choose your 

  • own match, 
  • own team, 
  • own contest, 
  • amount you want to invest, 
  • number of contests you want to join, 
  • deposit and withdraw money when you want to, etc. 

Apart from determining the result of the match, almost everything is in your hands!

This gives you a sense of accomplishment as it requires real effort to build a team from scratch and take it all the way to winning. It further gives you a satisfying experience of earning real money. 

6. Matches will become more exciting for you

playing fantasy cricket makes watching cricket matches more exciting

If you invest in any match on fantasy cricket, that match will automatically become more exciting for you as you will be following each and every ball more closely. 

Every player and every event will have some impact on your virtual team, which would make the game way more exciting for you to watch. 

7. You get to follow other teams

Fantasy cricket covers most of the professional matches including the women’s matches. Since your favorite team cannot compete all the time, there will always be some matches that are going on in the world. 

Thanks to fantasy cricket, you can play these matches and actually follow other teams. 

Apart from this it also allows you to think about the sport from a broader perspective and look beyond your favorite team. 

8. Enjoy cricket all year round

Similar to the above-mentioned point, there will always be a cricket match happening all year round. 

By participating in fantasy cricket, you do not need to wait for your favorite team to play so that you can watch a game. Any time, any day, you can invest in a match and enjoy it. 

9. Play with your friends

Another benefit of fantasy cricket is that you can create custom contests and play among your friends. 

Fantasy cricket is a great way of staying connected with your fellow cricket lovers and actually competing with them. 

You have the option of creating your own contests, set it’s size, the entry fees, choose the match, and play. It’s fully customisable so that you and your friends can compete at your own convenience. 

10. Compete against others

Fantasy cricket allows you to compete with others

You play fantasy cricket matches against other users, who can be from any part of the world. This instills a competitive spirit in you and constantly encourages you to do better. 

11. Learn how to manage and invest money

Since fantasy cricket involves real money, you get a practical exposure on how to manage and invest money. 

Playing it in the longer run can teach you 

  • how to utilize your money, 
  • not be greedy, 
  • have patience, 
  • how to recover from losses, 
  • how to stay profitable, etc.

 All of these skills will greatly help you in the real world and help you in managing your finances better. 


These are some of the major reasons why we think one should play fantasy cricket. Not only will it make the game more interesting, but also be highly rewarding if you win. A few minutes of good research and a little bit of luck can make you earn lakhs of rupees. 

Disclaimer: Playing fantasy cricket has an element of financial risk and it can be addictive. Please play it wisely and at your own risk. 

We hope that you found this blog insightful and you got to know the various benefits that fantasy cricket has to offer. 

Wish you all the best in your fantasy cricket journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is fantasy cricket?

It is an online game that allows you to create your own virtual team and compete in matches. 

2. Can you actually earn money from fantasy cricket?

Yes, you can earn real money from fantasy cricket by investing in and winning contests.

3. Does playing fantasy cricket have any risks?

Fantasy cricket can be addictive and involves an element of financial risk. Thus, it is advised to play it wisely and at your own risk.

4. Where can I play fantasy cricket?

You can play fantasy cricket on online platforms like Dream11, BalleBaazi, MPL, My11Circle, Vision11, PlayerzPot, Gamezy, etc.

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