Role Of Data Analytics In Cricket

Role Of Data Analytics In Cricket

Data Analytics is a rapidly growing field that plays an effective and essential role in the game of Cricket. It has created a huge impact and has even been considered a great revolution since the game was played. 

In my opinion, there are two types of data analytics used in this sport and they are: Data “during” the match and Data “for” the match.

Frame 350

Let’s start with Data “during” the match or we can say Real-time data. It includes 

  • The bat speed of a batter 
  • Speed of a delivery bowled by a bowler
  • Distance of the ball when it goes for a six!!
  • Data used in HAWK-EYE Tech, Wagon Wheel of a batter 
  • Snickometer, HOT-SPOT Tech, Pitch map
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Rashid Khan VS Batters

Now the 2nd part is data “for” the match. Data that are used for the matches are often used for planning strategies.                                                                                            

For example, think of a Batter, who will play a tournament(IPL) final and the opposition team has Rashid Khan as its key player. 

The Batter needs to outplay him and that needs some strategies like, what is the Go-to ball of Rashid Khan, what’s his strike rate, and average. 

For these strategies, he needs some assistance from an analyst who knows how to use those data and make them provide the required solution for the batter’s needs. 

The below image shows the batter’s performances against Rashid Khan in the IPL which includes their strike rates and the number of balls faced by them. 

This is just a single batter Vs bowler incident. Imagine when the same strategy is applied to the whole team throughout the tournament!!. That requires more and more data and analysis than the above-mentioned event, isn’t it?!!

Here are some more examples of, Data “for” the match 

  • The Extras bowled by each team since the IPL started 
  • Visualization of the type of dismissals by all the batters since the IPL started 
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As we reached the climax of this topic, I just wanted to imply once again that in the recent past, cricket and data analytics have become inextricable and data analytics stands as a beacon of innovation. 

In the data-driven age, cricket finds itself at the nexus of tradition and innovation, embracing the power of Data Analytics In Cricket to redefine the very essence of the sport we know and love.

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