Top 9 Sports Analytics Companies in India

best sports analytics companies

The World Today is run on Data and Sports is no exception to that.

After all, Forbes Named Data Science as the sexiest job in the world.

A Career in Data Science and Data Analytics could be highly fruitful due to the continuous advancements in the world of Technology.

If you’re a sports enthusiast and looking to build your career in the sports industry then there is no need to worry.  

Data Analytics Jobs are in demand in this industry too!

How do you think teams figure out a way to analyse the best course of action for a match?

Sports analysts find trends based on past data, to make calculative decisions about the future.

Confused Already? Let’s say that I have a stationery shop, and every year right before the schools open, The demand for stationery items increases. So, based on past data I would make a Calculative Decision to get more Stationery items for my shop.

Data Analytics is as simple as that!

Analyze past data to predict the best course of action for your favourite sports team, Excited about applying for a career in Sports Analytics?

Here’s a list of the Top 9 Sports Analytics Companies in India.

Top Sports Analytics Companies in India

  • FormCept
  • SportingMindz
  • SportsMechanics
  • Kadamba
  • Cricket-21
  • CricBuzz
  • ESPNcricinfo
  • Sportzinteractive
  • JSW Sports

Let’s get into these Companies and give you a brief description of what they have to offer!

1. FormCept

Formcept logo

FormCept is a product-based company that is highly involved in data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

FormCept features various products like the MECBOT, which helps companies make quick decisions based on past data.

Similarly, FormCept also helps in Sports Analytics and is currently assisting a renowned Global Sports News Website.

The results have been multi-fold as FormCept was able to increase its traffic from 1Mn to 4Mn.

Along with that, the client was able to handle 5 Million requests on their website which was a significant improvement regarding the same.

2. SportingMindz

SportingMindz was founded in 2006 and provides Analytical Solutions and Match Analysis to other organisations.

SportingMindz aims to enhance the performance of the people involved in Sports by using Data Analytics.

The Company has various parameters to check individual and team performance and is able to decide the right course of action for the same.

They have developed software for sports like Tennis, Hockey, Cricket and Golf.

With a perfect blend of Sports Enthusiasts and Technological Experts leading the team, it makes SportingMindz an ideal organisation for anyone looking for a career in Sports Analytics.

3. SportsMechanics

sports mechanics logo

SportsMechanics is one of the first companies in the world to bring features like match coding and data conversion systems.

SportsMechanics have shared its technology with other companies to enhance and monitor the performance of teams.

The Indian Cricket team is one of the companies handled by SportsMechanics!

They’ve also helped various teams with their expertise in the Indian Premier League since its inception.

The Company has its mark on the Cricket Industry and is looking to expand into a wider variety of sports.

Without a doubt, SportsMechanics is one of the leading sports analysis companies in India. 

4. Kadamba

Kadamba logo

Kadamba technologies have their grasp on various sporting industries with their expertise in Sports Analytics.

They’ve been an aid to various teams in sports like kabaddi, cricket, volleyball, hockey, soccer, and badminton.

Needless to say, they’re experts in Sports Analytics, Data Collection, and Graphical representation of progress and performance.

They also have new ventures and initiatives like kadamba sports which is determined to provide in-house Sports Training Facilities.

5. Cricket-21

Cricket-21 is a sports technology company working in the domain of sports analytics since 2006.

They have various features that allow them to provide pre-game, in-game, and post-game analysis.

They’re pioneers in capturing Data and providing statistics and editorials.

Cricket-21 also offers various services like Match scorecards, Fantasy cricket, and a Match centre.

Over 231 students have started their journey in Sports with us.

We can help you as well!

6. CricBuzz

CricBuzz is an Indian Cricket News Website, and also offers an app for their services.

CricBuzz features articles, live updates, and videos regarding cricket matches.

The Company hasn’t stopped their progress when it comes to speed, now their commentary on the current match is as fast as the live telecast.

They’ve also started developing their own content by Analysing matches, news, and data from around the world.

7. ESPNcricinfo

ESPNcricinfo logo

ESPNcricinfo is a Sports News Website which provides news and commentary for both international and domestic matches.

The site features a StatsGuru which holds the data of all historical matches since the 1800s.

They also have various articles which feature step-by-step analysis of a match or a particular cricketer.

8. SportzInteractive

SportzInteractive is a company focused on providing sports-based content to its audience.

SportzInteractive offers technological solutions and analytical support to over 450+ players.

The Company has gained a lot of recognition in the domain of sports analytics by providing its expertise in over 40 sports.

Data Analytics is the core of SportzInteractive which helps them provide game statistics in detail and has helped them garner a huge audience.

9. JSW Sports

JSW Sports logo

JSW Sports is the sports subsidiary of the JSW Group.

They’re determined on providing and creating a Sports Culture for Indian Athletes and improving their performance.

JSW Sports is also a 50% shareholder in Delhi Capitals and owns Bangalore FC.

Bangalore FC is the highest-ranked Football club in the country and JSW Sports hopes to put it on the Global radar of Football clubs.

The Company is providing opportunities to sports enthusiasts in the country and it’s creating its impact.

Over 231 students have started their journey in Sports with us.

We can help you as well!


Data Analytics plays a huge role in our everyday life and in sports alike.

Companies are emerging in India to provide the same for Sports Organizations.

Sports organizations will have to adopt Sports analytics to compete with their competitors.

The above-listed companies all provide ample opportunities to anyone looking for a career in Sports Analytics and are leading the industry by example.

Sports Analytics is a career option which could be very fruitful in future as it enables companies to find areas of improvement based on past trends.

Lastly, I wish you the best in your journey in Sports Analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the top Sports Analytics companies in India?

Here is a list of the top sports analytics companies:
1. FormCept
2. SportingMindz
3. SportsMechanics
4. Kadamba
5. Cricket-21
6. CricBuzz
7. ESPNcricinfo
8. Sportzinteractive
9. JSW Sports

2. What are the Basic components of Sports Analytics?

The basic components of Sports Analytics are:
1. Data Collection
2. Data Interpretation
3. Predictive Analysis

3. Why is Analytics Important in Sports?

Analytics helps collect data and find trends in past data to be able to choose the right course of action and improve team and player performance through statistics.

4. What are the skills needed for Sports Analytics?

Sports Analytics is a wide domain with tremendous opportunities in every sport. Here are some of the skills required to be a Sports Analyst:
1. Complete Knowledge of the Sport
2. Collection of Past Data
3. Building a good relationship with the team 
4. Analysing past data
5. Searching for the best course of action for the team

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