7 Best Football Stats & Data Websites: Comparisons Inside

best football stats and data websites

If you are new to data analytics and getting started with football analytics and you wonder what are the various sites that offer data and stats used for the analysis, this article should give you a fair idea of where to begin this journey.

Before we start getting ourselves familiarized with the list of websites for data sources used to conduct football analysis, it is essential to understand that these stats are just a medium to reach to a conclusion or a decision regarding a player or a team and the end product is more important than the data used to perform the analysis.

Apart from this, there are a lot of different tools and software used to conduct concrete analysis. One must not need to learn all the tools available, but there is no harm in knowing all of them.

Coming to the list of data sources, let us explore the most popular and reliable ones down below.

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Best Football Stats and Data Websites

The most important cog in the wheel of football data analytics is, well obviously, data. Without the data there would be no analysis to do.

So, from where can these datapoints be collected so that one can proceed with their analysis?

Here are some of the data sources that are widely used across the football analytics community:

1. Fbref

Fbref logo

One of the most widely used website to get data is Football Reference or as more commonly known-Fbref. This website collects and stores data of individual players and teams from the Top 5 Leagues in Europe. Some of the types of match data that is available here are:

  • Goalkeeper’s statistics
  • Defensive numbers
  • Passing stats
  • Possession stats
  • Shooting data
  • Behavioral data like fouls, yellow and red cards

In addition, you can also find data from previous seasons as well

2. Understat

understat website for gathering football data sets

Understat is another website that allows you to scrape data from it to perform analysis. Most of the shot maps that you see of the different players, more often than not, the data is taken from this website. Apart from shot location data points, it also stores data about:

  • xG or the Expected Goal data
  • xA or the Expected Assists data
  • Appearances and minutes played
  • xG Buildup
  • xG Chain

3. Soccerment

soccerment logo

This is the website that you would go to get the data and statistics of all the modern metrics used to analyze player and team performances.

The data set contains metrics such as xT-Expected Threat, xOVA-Expected Offensive Value Added, Field Tilt, PPDA-Passes per Defensive Actions, etc. The plus point of this website is that they also offer player comparison ranking system.

4. StatsBomb

StatsBomb logo

Statsbomb is an excellent website where you can get your events data such as player positions, pass location, carries, fouls etc. They also provide free Statsbomb 360 data which is a great place to start for a beginner in this field.

5. Wyscout

wyscout logo

Unlike the above-mentioned data sources, Wyscout is a paid data source. But this website has data from a wide range of leagues around the globe. If you need access to data points from a wide variety of leagues, you could start off with the trial version and buy the paid version.

6. WhoScored

WhoScored.com logo

Whoscored is one of the best websites you can find online to gather football data. From news, to stats to detailed previews of matches across all the major leagues in Europe, this must be a go to site for you.

7. SofaScore

Sofascore logo

Looking for detailed heatmaps and historical data?

SofaScore has got your back. Their dedicated app as well as website offers comprehensive data of heat maps from past and present seasons.

One of the ley features of this website is “Player Statistics Table”, using which you can compare players on basis of 83 different metrics.

Other notable data sources:

8. Transfermarkt

9. FootyStats

10. Squawka

Over 231 students have started their journey in Sports with us.

We can help you as well!

Head to Head Comparison of these Websites

The best data source websites are the ones which offer a wide variety of features and have huge inventory of stats to offer tot he analyst. As mentioned above each of these websites has a unique feature to offer. However, there are some features which are not offered by every site.

Here is a small comparison among the websites mentioned above that can help you choose the right one for your analysis.

WebsiteStats ComparisonEvents DataLeague Analysis & PredictionTransfer News & Market ValueAdvanced Metrics

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