How to Win Big in Fantasy Cricket? 14 Tips & Tricks

tips tricks to win in fantasy cricket

Fantasy cricket has become one of the most popular platforms for cricket lovers. The number of users who play fantasy cricket is only rising, and new platforms for playing fantasy cricket are on a rise coming up very frequently. 

With the rise in users, the competition is also increasing and as a result, winning contests in fantasy cricket is not as easy as it used to be. 

While luck does play a big role, fantasy cricket is majorly dependent on skills. There are several fantasy cricket strategies that you can apply which will help you win contests. 

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In this blog, we tell you some of the key tips and tricks, some unique strategies, and ways by which you can select the best team and win contests. 

So if you are tired of losing in fantasy cricket and want to finally win, read on!

Tips and Tricks to Win at Fantasy Cricket

There are some tips and tricks which can set you apart from the rest and help you win in fantasy cricket leagues . 

Here is a list of them which you can start using from today:

1. Choose the right platform

A very handy trick is to choose the correct platform to play fantasy cricket. Avoid playing it on extremely crowded platforms like Dream11, MPL, etc as these platforms have very high competition and more entry fees. 

Look for less-known platforms and invest there. Your chances of winning will be more there due to lesser competition.

2. Do your research

A well-known strategy but often under looked. To help you select the best team, it is important for you to do the research about the match. Check important stats like:

  • Recent forms of the teams,
  • Head-to-head record of them,
  • Venue analysis,
  • Pitch report analysis,
  • Key player battles,
  • Best performers of the teams, etc.

3. Select the strongest team

Once you have done the research, your next task is to select the strongest playing 11. A strong team does not always need to have the best players. You need to analyze the contest and think which players can stand out and get you the most points. 

There need to be differentials in your team. But how to select these players? We have explained this further down the blog. (how to choose the right batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders.)

4. Pick more wicket-takers than batsmen

In Cricket, especially the T-20 format has become a batsmen’s game. But do not make this mistake in fantasy cricket. Go for wicket-taking bowlers in your team rather than only power hitting batsmen. 

Why? Because a wicket gets you more points. 

For example, on some platforms, one wicket gives 25 points. So far a batsmen to match that, he will need to score 25 runs as one run is one point. 

The chances of a bowler picking up a wicket is higher than a batsmen scoring 25 runs in T-20. 

5. Pick all-rounders

try to pick more all rounders -fantasy cricket tips

Try to pick as many all-rounders as you can in your team. All-rounders give you points with both bat and ball. This is why they are also very good choices for captain and vice-captain.

6. Join contests early

 The contests for a match are available 2-3 days before the actual game. Try to join the contests in advance as there are chances that your opponent may not update the team after the toss. 

So join early, but make sure to update the team at the final moment!

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7. Avoid playing head-to-head contests

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in fantasy cricket is to play head-to-head matches, i.e 1 v 1 or 2 member league contests. 

By playing head-to-head, your chances of staying in profit are always less because when you win, you do not win big. But if you lose, you lose big. So try to play 3-10 member contests when playing small league. 

8. Make multiple teams for a match

Another important trick while playing fantasy cricket is to make multiple teams for a match. You can also enter multiple times in a contest. All your teams should be different from one other, have different captains and vice-captains. So that even if you lose with one team, you win with the other and do not bear a loss. 

9. Update your team after toss

A winning strategy is to update the team after the toss has taken place. You must first pick the players who are actually playing. After that, you can change your strategy as per which team is batting first. 

For example, if the team batting first has a strong batting lineup then you should take more batsmen from their team. Strategize as per the toss.

10. Have some backup

Never invest all of your money in a single match. Do not invest more than 50% of your balance in a single contest. If things go south for your team, you will have some amount in your wallet to play other matches and recover.

11. Have patience

This is one of the most important tips but only few are actually able to follow while playing fantasy cricket. Learn to be patient and not get too excited. 

No one can win all the games, You will face loss. But do not give up. Learn from your mistakes and make better strategies for upcoming matches. 

12. Make long-term strategies

See fantasy cricket as a long-term thing and make your plans to play it accordingly. You can set out a roadmap carving out your strategies for the whole month. 

Set out goals and write down how much you should invest in which matches. If you play this for a longer run, you are bound to win. 

13. Invest wisely

You do not need to earn lakhs of money by winning all contests in one day. Take your time and invest wisely. Devise a strategy and stick to it if it works. 

Invest in only those games which you feel confident about. It is not necessary for you to play all games but to win all games you play. 

14. Take calculated risks

While you must invest wisely and play cautiously, sometimes you should take risks. If you are feeling lucky and have calculated the losses, go for it. As they say, higher the risk, higher the reward. 

How to choose the right batsmen?

The biggest tip while picking batsmen for your team is to go for top-order batmsen. Take openers, and batsmen that come one, two, or three down. Reason? They are the ones who come early onto the pitch and have the chance of facing the most balls. 

Since they can face more deliveries, they can score more runs and get a high amount of points. Batsmen who come down the order may not even get to bat and thus will not yield you any points. 

Another trick is to always take wicket-keeping batsmen in your team. They are a safe choice as they would not only give you points from batting, but from wicket-keeping as well. 

How to choose the right bowlers?

When it comes to bowlers, always go for those who bowl in the powerplay and the death overs. In T-20 games, the most wickets are picked up in these two periods, when the batsmen are looking to hit the ball out of the park. 

One more thing you should keep in mind is to research about the venue and the pitch while taking the bowlers. If the pitch is more favorable to spinners rather than pacers, go for more spinners, and vice-versa. 

How to choose the right all-rounders?

This one is fairly simple. Take as many all-rounders as you can. There is no correct method of taking all-rounders except taking them all. The more the merrier. 

But if you cannot select them all, go for the ones who regularly bowl and bat higher up the order. The best thing about all-rounders is that even if they fail in one department, they can get you points from the other. Picking up all-rounders is the least risky and you can’t really go wrong in it. 

Over 231 students have started their journey in Sports with us.

We can help you as well!


There you have it, some of the interesting and lesser-known strategies to win in fantasy cricket. Try out these different strategies, and see which one works for you the best. Do not be afraid of changing it, in case it does not work. 

Playing fantasy cricket is getting tougher every day as the competition in it is extremely rising. But if you play it smartly and apply some of the tips and tricks that we have told you about in this blog, it can be highly rewarding for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What factors to keep in mind while selecting a team in fantasy cricket?

You should consider factors like recent performances of the team, player battles and records, venue and pitch analysis, recent form of the players, etc. 

2. What types of leagues are there in fantasy cricket?

Majorly, there are 2 types of leagues in fantasy cricket: small league and grand league. 

3. What is a head-to-head contest?

Head-to-head is a two member league contest and the two players compete directly against each other. It is 1 v 1. 

4. Which is the best league for me in fantasy cricket?

Small leagues having 3-10 members are the best kind of leagues to play. These leagues have low risk but high reward and minimal competition. 

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