What Lies Ahead, After The Head’s Knock In Cricket World Cup 2023

What Lies Ahead, After The Head's Knock In Cricket World Cup 2023

Hey, Hello, Welcome folks. I am sure each and every one of you had a tough night’s sleep. Yes, it is indeed a devastating defeat, but I am not here to review the loss but actually share my thoughts on what will be the potential squad for India in the 2027 World Cup and what will India do when they face Australia for five T20s starting from the 23rd this month.

But one thing to add, now I know and am able to feel the anguish and heartbreak that a fan of the 2003 Indian team went through. Wait, Let me guess, you figured it out, yes I am 22.

Frame 344

And then, three will be Gone!! 

Let’s first discuss who will be Our Captain in the 2027 World Cup. It’s pretty much obvious that Hardik will lead the side. Recently BCCI made an initiative to change the course of the T20 team by making Hardik the captain and I am sure he will lead the ODI team too.

Now let’s see who might miss out 2027 World Cup because of the age factor. The first one will be Ravi Ashwin who is already 37 now. Even though he is a champion bowler, he just got one game to play in the 2023 WC. He would have made a difference if he had the chance to be in the playing X1. He’s most likely to retire in 12-18 months. But if he sees this post, and asks for my opinion(which he won’t)I’d say play till 2027 Ash Anna. So share till he sees this post, my friends.

And the next one I think is Mohammad Shami who’s been phenomenal throughout the games he has played. But for most the fast bowlers I don’t think their body will co-operate after a certain age but he may be an exception or may not be. But no doubt in his skills and I personally wish him to play till 2027.

The next one is the current Indian skipper Rohit Sharma often referred to as ‘HITMAN’, who is 36 and already had put up a great show in this world cup with clear intent,” How fast can I score the runs” But here I wish to raise a question how often he runs? Or how often does he take a quick single or double? And I know the answer is, not often. I am not criticizing him, not criticizing anyone above, just hinting at the facts. As a batter/player, he needs to be as fit as his peer teammates in 2027 which I think is nearly impossible.  

Other than these three players I don’t think anyone in the current squad will be dropped on the basis of their age. Even Virat Kohli will definitely play in/till 2027 irrespective of any basis. If the above three men are fit enough I will not even change the squad, because this team was dominating the opposition except final. Yes, we lost but given the form and skills they‘ve shown they can beat even the same Aussies on a different day.

Facing the WC Final Nemesis Once Again for a T20 Clash

In the absence of Hardik, Surya Kumar Yadav AKA SKY will lead the side and the squad is not announced yet. I feel there will be some debuts taking the IPL and SMAT performances under consideration. But with most of the seniors rested a new young team will be ready to take on the Aussies from 23rd November to 3rd December which I feel is a testing time before the T20 World Cup in 2024 in West Indies and USA.

The above-said things are ones that I felt and wanted to share and you can share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment, also from now on I’ll share my thoughts often, and so can you. Thank You and Signing Off for now by #Cricketlover.

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