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best cricket analysis courses

In the modern-day, we all love talking about new innovations and technology. The world is being driven by new tech, AI, and data. 

But one thing we all love talking about even more is cricket!

When we combine technology with our beloved sport, i.e. cricket, we get a thing called “cricket analysis”.

How many times have you compared two players or two teams, saying one is better than the other while having a discussion with your friend? 

When you are a Virat Kohli fan but your friend says Rohit Sharma is better, what do you reply with? 

Analyzing the game is one thing. But taking your analysis to a whole different level by the use of data is something that a cricket analyst does. 

What’s even more exciting is that this role is a highly rewarding skill and one which is in demand. 

Every cricket team now has analysts with them who help them improve their game. There are many cricket analytics companies as well that hire a lot of analysts. 

But how can you learn cricket analysis and become a cricket analyst? That is what we exactly tell you in this blog. 

We are sharing with you the top 4 cricket analysis courses that are there in the market which help you acquire this skill. All of these courses are online and can be completed from the comfort of your home. 

Let’s start!

Best cricket analysis courses for beginners

Being a comparatively new field, starting your career as a cricket analyst can be quite difficult. Especially with a handful of resources available online, choosing the best one might seem a daunting task. 

To ease out your task of analyzing each course, we have mentioned a list of the 4 best cricket analytics courses available online. 

1. Cricket Analysis course by Devraj Raut

This course is launched by Devraj Raut, a former cricketer, and performance analyst who has been working with BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India). While being associated with BCCI, Devraj has worked with India A and India’s U-19 team.

This course is structured in a way to make the learner understand the steps they need to take from becoming a video analyst to a performance analyst. 

While the course is mainly for the Indian cricket setup, foreigners can take up the course too and enhance their knowledge.

The course is ideally for:

i. Former Cricketers,

ii. Cricket Coaches,

iii. Cricket Enthusiasts,

iv. People from technical backgrounds,

v. Ones that want to do something different from their existing jobs. 

The course is divided into three parts:

Part 1: Video Shoot and Analysis Process

In this part of the course, you will be taught how to-

  • Handle and understand video cameras and tools used for analysis,
  • Conduct video sessions in net practices for a club/academy/team,
  • Do video analysis sessions with coaches and players using analysis softwares.

This part of the course contains 2 online sessions with assignments. It would take you around 90-120 minutes to complete one session. Part one of the course is priced at Rs.10,000 + 18% GST. 

Part 2: Match Analysis Process

The following things will be explained in this part:

  • The preparation process for match analysis,
  • Analysis equipment and setup required for match analysis,
  • How to set up match analysis software,
  • Coding a match and generating reports.

This part has 3 online sessions along with assignments. As in the case of first part, it would take you between 90-120 minutes to complete one session. The price for this part is Rs.12,500 + 18% GST

Part 3: Performance Analysis

This part of the course has not been launched yet but will be released soon.

Although each session can be completed under a specified time, recordings of all parts of the course are available, and you can learn at your own pace. 

You will be provided a certificate after you complete a part of the course and you can use it to add more value to your CV.


When asking for feedback on the course, one learner described the course as “well prepared and all the queries were solved. The explanations provided made the course better and easier to understand”.

Another learner said that “the course was highly insightful and a great learning experience. The topics needed detailed explanation which was done expertly and at a perfect pace”. 

2. Cricket Analytics Courses by Mad About Sports

Solely founded in December 2020 by an IIT Kharagpur graduate, Aditya Goenka, Mad About Sports is an educational technology company having a variety of courses in sports analytics and sports management. They help not only students but work-professionals also to upskill themselves and make a career in the sports industry. 

For cricket, Mad About Sports currently offers 3 programs:

This is a live 2-day program in partnership with IPL franchise Rajasthan Royals. The workshop is conducted by Mr. David Gladson, a cricket analyst expert with over 3 years of experience, and having worked at in the past. 

This is a beginner-level workshop and is a great way to kickstart your cricket analysis journey. The workshop is conducted twice or thrice every month and is usually on the weekends.

Day One: You will be given an introduction to cricket analytics, the tools and softwares used, how to scrape data, analyze real-life examples, etc.

Day Two: The workshop will have a live interactive Q&A session with the expert, wherein you can get all your doubts solved. 

In the workshop, you will also get to know the key insights of this industry like what kind of job opportunities you can get, the salary, the skills required, the complete lifecycle of a cricket analyst, and much more. 


Around 3500 students have taken this workshop and the average rating for it is 4.7/5.


The workshop is priced at Rs. 299 + GST. You get free bonuses worth Rs. 14,500 once you enroll for the workshop. You will be provided a certificate after you complete the workshop.

As the name suggests, this is an advanced-level program. Students who attend the workshop or already have basic cricket analysis knowledge and want to learn advanced concepts usually go for this course. 

This masterclass has the same setup as it was for the workshop, being in association with Rajasthan Royals, and conducted by Mr. David Gladson.

In the course, you will be taught advanced concepts like:

  • Batting Performance Analysis,
  • Bowling Performance Analysis,
  • Scouting and Auction Analysis,
  • Venue and Toss Analysis,
  • Advanced-Data Visualization, and much more.

The course is largely self-paced as the recordings of all the lectures will be provided to you. There will be a weekly Q&A session for you to get all your doubts resolved. 

The course content is up to 19 hours but you get lifetime access to it. The weekly live sessions along with mentorship support are provided to you for a period of 6 months. 

Mad About Sports also helps with placements and many masterclass alumni have got a chance to work at organizations like CricTracker, Boomer11,, Perfect Lineup, etc. 


The master class has an average rating of 4.9/5 by 255 students. One student described it as “the best possible course on cricket analytics”, and another one went on to say that “the course is very interesting and was exactly what he wanted to learn”.


The course is priced at Rs.15,999 + GST along with which you get bonuses worth Rs. 96,000 for free. There are some offers on the course which are rolled out from time to time. After the masterclass, you will get a certificate that can help you in your job pursuit.

3. Cricket World Cup Data Analysis by Great Learning

This course is rolled out by Great Learning. The speaker for the course is Mr. Bharan Akella, a data scientist with over two years of work experience, and expertise in languages like Python, Java, R, etc. 

In the course, you will be looking at the cricket world cup data sets. You will be taught how to analyze the different teams at the world cup using several metrics. 

Through these metrics, you will be able to analyze which team came out on top in which part of the game. 

All of these analyses will be done using libraries like pandas, matplotlib, seaborn, etc.

The session was conducted on 18th October 2020, and since then, a recording of the session has been made available to the public. 

The recorded session is for 55 minutes. Along with that, there is one pdf given on python for non-programmers. 

In this file, a complete user manual and guide have been given for a beginner or a non-programmer to learn python. A Jupyter notebook has also been given to showcase all the coding.

4. Cricket Analysis Courses by Scaler

Scaler is an online tech-versity having training modules on data science and analytics. They use tools like machine-learning to design their courses and dive deep in the world of analytics.

Scaler has a few classes on cricket analysis which they bring out periodically. They are all conducted by their instructor, Mr. Harshit Tyagi. 

Harshit has previously been a learning instructor at LinkedIn wherein he created data science and engineering courses. He has mentored over 1000 Web/AI/Data Science aspirants and has also worked with research scientists at Yale, MIT, and UCLA.

Scaler has brought out classes on the following topics:

  • IPL cricket match analytics using Python,
  • Predict the winner of the next IPL match using Machine Learning,
  • Learn how to analyze T20 cricket matches using Python, etc

Depending on the class, you are taught how to analyze games, predict match results, solve real life problems, curate and scrape data, etc by using tools like Python and Machine-Learning. 

These classes are for you if you have interest in cricket and some technical background or expertise.


The timings of the classes range from 1.5 hours to 3 hours. Most of these masterclasses are free. So keep an eye on Scaler and their upcoming classes on cricket analysis courses!


Learning cricket analysis can really benefit you if you are looking to make a career in the field of cricket, or even if you are just a passionate fan of the game, and want to enhance your knowledge. 

Learning new skills are always useful, especially if it is for something that you wholeheartedly love.

These top cricket courses can help you kickstart your cricket analysis journey and if you feel this is something that is made for you, then you can dive deeper and consider it as a career option. 

The best part is that these cricket analysis courses are all completely online, so you can learn it from the comfort of your home, and at your own pace. And some of these courses are even free of cost.

So kickstart your journey towards cricket analysis and the next time you are in a debate with your friend and he calls Rohit Sharma better than Virat Kohli, you will have data to back your arguments!


1. What is cricket analysis?

Collecting, comparing and analyzing cricket statistics and data is known as cricket analysis. 

2. Who is a cricket analyst?

A person who collects/gathers cricket data and draws conclusions from it is a cricket analyst. The cricket analyst works closely with cricket teams and coaches and uses his analysis to improve the performances of his team.

3. Which companies use cricket analysis?

Some of the top companies using cricket analysis are: ESPNcricinfo, Crictracker, Sportsmechanics, 100MB, Cricbuzz, Cricviz, Fancode, etc.

4. Who was India’s first official cricket analyst?

S. Ramkey in 2000. He worked with the Indian cricket team. 

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