How much do cricket analysts make in India? Salary of Cricket Analyst

salary of cricket analyst in India

Cricket is the most popular sport in India by a landslide.

Cricket offers a ton of opportunities in various domains, one of which is that of a Cricket Analyst.

Cricket Analysts are responsible for various tasks like collecting data, refining data and finding the right course of action for their team.

Cricket analysts also look at the individual performance of players and help them shine their strengths while working on the areas in which they’re lagging.

This is crucial for any team and sport around the world and this is what makes Cricket Analysis one of the highest-paid career options. 

Let’s get into the Salaries of Cricket Analysts in India and see how much can you expect to earn in this field. 

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Cricket Analyst Salary

Due to the highly diversified role of a Cricket Analyst, there are various salaries that one can attain as a Cricket Analyst.

There are a lot of factors involved in the process of determining the Salary of an Individual like experience, specializations, and most importantly the output that the individual can bring to the table.

Cricket Analysts can earn anywhere from 4 LPA to 15 LPA, based on the Company or institution they’re working in, their experience, location and specializations. 

Glassdoor puts the average salary of a Cricket Analyst at 10.8LPA.

Cricket Analysts just like every other career would need constant upskilling and a quest to keep advancing and polishing their skills.

A career in Cricket Analytics is ideal for anyone with a passion for cricket and who is looking for a job opportunity as an analyst.

They get to work directly with the players and hold a contribution to the performance of the team.


The world is changing with the constant advancements in technology and technical fields.

Analytics is impacting all walks of life and Analysts are one of the highly sought-after individuals in the world.

Cricket Analytics can be a very rewarding career for someone who wishes to pursue a career in a field related to sports.

Per annum earnings of cricket analysts are a testament to the fact of how crucial their role in a team is!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a Cricket Analyst in India?

There is no streamlined path to these jobs but you can follow the following steps to pursue your passion of becoming a cricket analyst:
1. Get in-depth knowledge about cricket
2. Learn the tools used in data analysis
3. Keep upskilling and apply for internships

How much do Cricket Analysts get paid?

Cricket Analysts are highly paid individuals due to their expertise in the domain and ability to identify areas of improvement and devise strategies according to the same.
Furthermore, the average salary of a cricket analyst is around 10 LPA in India.

Who is the best Cricket Analyst in India?

Devraj Raut is considered to be the Best cricket Analyst in India and is currently the Cricket Performance Analyst of India A and Indian U-19 teams for the BCCI.

Who is the Analyst of the Indian Cricket Team?

Devraj Raut is the Analyst for the Indian Cricket team and is the Analyst for the most successful team in IPL, Mumbai Indians. DJ has over 12 years of experience as a Cricket Analyst and is currently handling the U-19 and Indian Cricket A Team for the BCCI.

What does a Cricket Analyst do?

A cricket analyst is responsible for collecting data and videos, and going through data analysis to make calculative decisions to devise the best strategy for the team and look for areas of improvement in the team and in individual players.

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