What are the skills required to become a cricket analyst?

skills required to become a cricket analyst

In this Data-driven world, every industry is adopting data analysis to make calculative data-driven decisions.

Data Analysis is all around us, and Sports are no different, especially in a country like India where cricket is the talk of every household.

India has one of the highest cricket following in the whole world, and many people try to build a career in the cricket industry.

However, there is very little to no information regarding the same, and most dreams never see the light of day.

In this blog, I’m gonna share all the information you need to score big in the Cricketing world and explain about what are the skills required to become a cricket analyst.

Skills Required to Become a Cricket Analyst

The most important aspect of becoming a Cricket Analyst or an analyst in any sport is to have a detailed and thorough knowledge of the sport.

Having knowledge about every little aspect of the sport is necessary to be able to make calculative decisions and choose the right course of action for the team.

You must have previous experience in the world of cricket as well to be able to be considered into being a Cricket Analyst for a team.

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Nonetheless, Here are the skills required through which you can pursue your dream of becoming a Cricket Analyst:

  • Strong Data Analytics
  • Thorough Knowledge of Cricket
  • Communication
  • Data Visualization

Here’s how you can develop these skills and get to learn more about a career in Cricket Analytics.

1. Strong Data Analytics

Data analytical skills to become a cricket analyst

As a Cricket Analyst, you need to be able to collect data based on past matches and use that data to make further decisions.

That’s the same for any Career in Data Analysis, you should be able to collect, mine, and analyze data to make predictions based on past trends.

This allows a Sports Analyst to come up with strategies and find areas of improvement for the team.

Sports Analysts have to deal with a lot of Data of every individual player to choose the most optimal course of action for their team.

It takes time to build such strong skills, and it is preferred to have a Degree or Certificate preferably in Sports Analysis to move further in the direction of starting your career in sports analytics.

2. Thorough Knowledge of Cricket

cricketing knowledge

In order to pursue your career as a Cricket Analyst, you must know every minute detail of the sport.

How else can a Cricket Analyst determine the best course of action for the team?

Analysing past matches, looking at hours of game footage to look for areas of improvement and create a perfect plan of action.

Bowling order, batting order, type of pitch, all these factors come into play when you’re trying to advise the team. You have to take charge and make data backed decisions to be a guide for them.

3. Communication

Communicating your analysis with the players and other analysts on your team should be impeccable.

MS Dhoni said in an interview, “there’s no such thing as common sense when you’re leading a team.”

Meaning that whatever you think is common sense might not be so common to other players or coaches.

You have to explain each detail in a simpler manner using simple words so that your team gets the idea efficiently. 

Hence, being a cricket analyst would require you to have great communication skills on top of great Analytics skills.

4. Data Visualization

Data visualization skills to excel as a cricket analyst

A Sports Analyst deals with a vast amount of data and has to refine that data to make accurate decisions.

Everyone doesn’t understand the vast terms and numbers used by an Analyst, that’s why Sports Analysts use Data Visualization.

They used charts and graphs to display the trends in past data and even use predictive analysis to predict future outcomes.

Graphs and charts make it easier to convey data and information to other members of the team and help in better communication.

Now that you’re aware of the skills required to become a cricket analyst, You would also need to fulfil basic educational requirements to pursue a career as a Cricket Analyst.

What Education is Required to Become a Cricket Analyst?

Anyone with a graduate degree can become a Cricket Analyst.

In addition to that, having great knowledge of cricket and a degree in sports journalism could be a plus point.

Any Certification in sports analysis could also be of help when it comes to starting your career as a Cricket Analyst.

However, you would need a thorough knowledge of cricket as a sport to be able to pursue a career in Cricket Analysis.


Every sport needs analysts to help the team pursue the best course of action and get the best out of their team.

A Career in Cricket can be an excellent career option now and in the future, as it opens you to the world of cricket.

Especially in a nation like India where the popularity of cricket is the highest among all sports.

To help guide people and aspirants in the world of cricket, MadAboutSports has brought their Workshop and Masterclass in Cricket Analytics to help aspirants fulfil their dream of being an integral part of the cricketing community.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What are the skills required to become a Cricket Analyst?

Here are some of the skills essential in pursuing a career as a cricket analyst:
1. Strong Data Analytics
2. Thorough Knowledge of Cricket
3. Communication
4. Data Visualization

2. What does a Cricket Analyst do?

A cricket analyst is equipped with the task of monitoring every aspect of the game to make calculative decisions for the team and find areas for improvement.

3. How do I become a Cricket Data Scientist?

The most important skill to acquire as a Cricket Data Scientist is to have knowledge about every aspect of cricket. You would also need experience in data analysis to be able to gather and analyse data.

4. How do you become a Sports Analyst?

You need a thorough knowledge of the sport you’re trying to pursue a career in. Furthermore, you need good communication and analytics skills. Also, you can start by making your work public in order to start gaining attention for your skills.

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