Best Fantasy Cricket Apps in India

best fantasy cricket apps in india

Cricket has the highest number of fans in India and is the most popular sport in the country by a mile!

This has paved the way for various Fantasy sports apps in India which allow users to create imaginary teams and score points based on the performance of their team.

However, many people consider Fantasy Cricket as Gambling, Fantasy Sports in general aren’t considered gambling as they’re a Game of Skill and not a Game of Chance.

The popularity of these games has led to the rise of various companies that provide these services.

Ready to create your fantasy cricket team? 

Well, you would first need to know about the best Fantasy Cricket Apps in India.

Best Fantasy Cricket Apps in India

With over 50+ Fantasy Cricket Apps available in India currently, it’s a challenge to choose which one is the right pick for you.

So, here I’ve compiled a list of the 15 Best Fantasy Cricket Apps in India:

  • Dream11
  • BalleBaazi
  • Gamezy
  • MyTeam11
  • My11Circle
  • Mobile Premier League(MPL)
  • HalaPlay
  • Paytm First Games
  • 11Wickets
  • Vision11
  • GoSuper11
  • FanFight
  • Playerzpot
  • CricPlay
  • Howzat

Let’s Dive into what makes these Apps the best and learn about the type of opportunities you can get on each of these.

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1. Dream11

Dream11 logo

Dream11 was founded in 2008 by Harsh Jain and Bhavish Seth.

Dream11 is a Fantasy sports platform which includes sports like cricket, football, kabaddi, volleyball and many more.

It became the first Indian Unicorn fantasy gaming platform in 2019. It is one of the oldest and most popular Fantasy platforms in the country.

Due to the popularity of the platform, it hosts various fantasy sports games with prizes ranging from hundreds to lakhs of rupees.

Dream11 Total Users: 100 Million+

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2. BalleBaazi

BalleBaazi was founded in 2018 by Navkiran Singh, Saurabh Chopra, and Puneet Dua.

BalleBaazi is a Fantasy cricket gaming platform where an individual can create their own team and earn points on the basis of the performance of their selected team players.

It offers a user-friendly interface with various features like bowling fantasy, and batting fantasy and they also have Yuvraj Singh as its Brand Ambassador.

BalleBaazi Total Users: 3 Million+

3. Gamezy

Gamezy was founded in 2017 by Prithviraj Singh and was launched in 2018 by Gamescraft, a company popular for its card game called Rummy Culture.

Gamezy is a Fantasy Sports platform that offers fantasy games in cricket and various other sports.

It offers an excellent user interface with 2nd innings and live fantasy teams. 

The App also has Rummy, poker, and various other casual games which you can play and earn money from.

Gamezy Total Users: 2 Million+

4. MyTeam11

Myteam11 Logo

MyTeam11 was founded in 2016 by Vinit Godara and Sanjit Sihag.

MyTeam11 allows users to play fantasy competitions on various games like Cricket, Football, American Rugby and many more.

The App has various features and allows players to play in Hindi, offering 24×7 Assistance and safe playing options.

They also were the first platform to hold sports quiz contests for their users during the covid 19 pandemic.

MyTeam11 Total Users: 18 Million+

5. My11Circle

My11Circle logo

My11Circle was launched in 2019 by Games 24×7, a company that provides Online Rummy gaming.

The App featured a contest called “Beat the Expert” where players could play directly against cricketers.

My11Circle is a fantasy sports app which offers players to play fantasy games on sports like kabaddi, cricket, basketball and many more. They also have Saurav Ganguly as their Brand Ambassador from 2019.

My11Circle Total Users: 29 Million+

Over 231 students have started their journey in Sports with us.

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6. Mobile Premier League(MPL)

MPL logo

MPL was launched in 2018 by Sai Srinivas Kiran and Shubham Malhotra.

MPL is an E-Sports platform which features various multiplayer games in which users can participate and earn money.

MPL also features Fantasy Sports where many events are hosted for the players and the app also allows users immediate cash-out. They also have Virat Kohli as their Brand Ambassador from 2019.

Mobile Premier League Total Users: 90 Million+

7. HalaPlay

HalaPlay was founded in 2016 by Swapnil Saurav, Ananya Singhal, Prateek Anand, and Aman Kesari.

HalaPlay is a Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) platform that helps sports enthusiasts participate more frequently and earn money.

The App features the use of Machine Learning and Data Analytics to help its users with analytics, it also allows users to create personalised leagues.

HalaPlay Total Users: 9 Million+

8. PayTM First Games

Paytm First Games was launched in 2018 with the name Gamepind and has Sudhanshu Gupta as its COO.

It is a Mobile gaming platform where you can play Fantasy sports, rummy, and play trivia quizzes to earn money.

Paytm First Games has also begun its expansion into the Indian Esports space by hosting tournaments and contests for players.

PayTM First Games Total Users: 50 Million+

9. 11Wickets

11wickets logo

11 Wickets was founded in 2018 by Navneet Makharia.

11 Wickets is a brand of Ability Games Pvt Ltd and offers online Fantasy games in Cricket and Football.

They have collaborations with Sportsradar and Amazon Pay. Playing on 11 Wickets allows users to have access to live scores, weather analysis and many other features.

The platform also allows players to select substitute players for their team.

11Wickets Total Users: 10 Million+

Over 231 students have started their journey in Sports with us.

We can help you as well!

10. Vision11

Vision 11 was founded in 2019 by Parth Rawal.

Vision 11 is the Largest Fantasy Sports Platform in India and allows players to indulge in Fantasy Cricket.

The app is comparatively new and offers various features like other leaders in fantasy Cricket, 2nd innings and many other innovative new ideas.

They also have Keiron Pollard as their Brand Ambassador.

Vision11 Total Users: 10 Million+

11. GoSuper11

Gosuper11 logo

Go Super 11 was founded in 2018 by Deepak Kumar.

Go Super 11 was established to provide a high-quality fantasy gaming experience to its users.

The App gained popularity as it enabled cricket fans to showcase their Cricket knowledge by participating in their contests and winning prizes.

Go Super 11 also has an instant settlement feature through which funds are instantly settled at the end of the game.

GoSuper11 Total Users: 1 Million+

12. FanFight

FanFight was founded in 2016 by Akhil Suhag, Krishna Chaitanya B, Nishanth Vishnu, & Akshay Suhag.

FanFight is a product of WCFN Solutions, it offers fantasy sports in cricket, football, kabaddi and many more.

The app has features through which you can challenge your friends and family and play with them.

One of the key features of FanFight is that it enables its users to have the ability to win 20x. 

FanFight Total Users: 7 Million+ 

13. Playerzpot

Playerzpot was founded in 2015 by Yogesh Doiphode & Mitesh Gangar.

Playerzpot is a Fantasy Sports platform that allows users to play fantasy games like cricket, football, hockey, & even some games like snakes and ladders.

The App features a weekly login, through which you can earn points and rewards.

You can play on Playerzpot, earn money and can even earn goodies as a reward.

Playerzpot Total Users: 2.5 Million+


Cricplay logo

CricPlay was founded in 2018 by Gaurav Sarin.

CricPlay is a fantasy cricket platform that allows users to create teams based on their analysis or liking and earn money based on the performance of their team.

CricPlay has various contests like Super League, Power-ups in Super League, & Star Contests.

CricPlay features a no deposit feature helping new fantasy sports players gain some experience.

CricPlay Total Users: 5 Million+

15. Howzat

Howzat logo

Howzat was founded in 2019 by Shashank Singh.

Howzat is a fantasy app that allows users to play games on sports like cricket, football, kabaddi and many more.

The App features a Unique scoring system making it more advanced and keeping the game more interesting for all the players.

Howzat Total Users: 20 Million+


Cricket is the most popular sport in India, with countless experts on Cricket experts in every home.

This has led to a lot of Cricket fans with great knowledge about their favourite sport, this skill and knowledge allows them to earn money through these Fantasy Sports platforms.

Sports Analytics helps people earn while being a part of their favourite sport, having a chance to challenge their friends and altogether uplift the entire cricketing community.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Fantasy Cricket Gambling?

Fantasy Cricket or Fantasy Sports, in general, don’t fall under the category of Gambling as Gambling is considered a game of chance while Fantasy Sports are considered a Game of Skill. Hence, all fantasy gaming platforms are legal in India.

2. What is meant by Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy Cricket refers to an online game where players can create teams by choosing players from both teams. Based on the performance of the players they’re awarded points, depending on their team score they can win money through fantasy cricket.

3. Is Fantasy Cricket Legal in India?

Yes, Fantasy Cricket and any other Fantasy Sport are legal in India as Fantasy Sports are considered a game of skill, which is legal as per Article 19(1)(g) of the constitution of India.

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