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The 7 BEST fantasy cricket apps in India

The Best Fantasy Cricket Apps in India

The BEST Fantasy Cricket Apps in India – Introduction :

Fantasy Sports have become a huge part of sports and entertainment today. With how huge the sport of cricket is in India, the fact that fantasy cricket has become just as big, need not be said. The industry has become one of the most valuable parts of the sports industry and has gained traction over the last decade. But how do you access the world of fantasy cricket?

The answer is through fantasy cricket apps. While there are sites as well that allow you to indulge in the thrill of playing fantasy cricket contests, the most popular form of participating in fantasy cricket has been fantasy cricket apps. There has been an influx of fantasy cricket apps in the Indian sports market. Today sports fans have several options to help them earn money through fantasy cricket. So how do you know which fantasy cricket app is the best?

The answer to that question is what plagues most sports fans that wish to begin their fantasy cricket journey. In this article, I will be breaking down why the fantasy cricket apps below are the best fantasy cricket apps in India. The breakdown will have an introduction to the app, how it works, how it is unique and how much more profitable it is than other apps.

So if you are struggling to determine which fantasy cricket app you want to use, you have come to the right place! While the following apps are not ranked in order, the breakdown will aim to be objective in order to help you make your decision. Below each breakdown, I have also attached the link on how to play fantasy cricket on the specific app.

The BEST Fantasy Cricket Apps in India :


One of the newer apps in the market, BALLEBAAZI has established itself as one of the best fantasy cricket apps in India. The app has more than 80 lakh users that have registered and it has distributed more than 400 crores in winnings! The app does not only feature fantasy cricket contests but also fantasy contests in sports like Football, Basketball, Kabaddi and baseball. It is one of the few apps that offer such a variety of sports to choose from. The app has the legendary Indian bowler Zaheer Khan himself as their brand ambassador.

BALLEBAAZI’s most unique and special part though is the batting and bowling fantasy contests that it offers. The contest allows players to select 5 batsmen to go against 5 batsmen that other players have selected. The same goes for the bowling fantasy contest. They also have a reverse fantasy contest where you select the worst players on your team. Whichever team has the worst team wins the contest. The unique contests that the players can play within the app makes it one of the best fantasy cricket apps in India today.

BALLEBAAZI was founded in 2018 by Saurabh Chopra, Navkiran Singh, and Puneet Dua and has grown at a consistent level in the 4 years that they have been operating. The app has gotten 80 lakh followers in 4 years and approximately 20 lakh every year. The fact that it allows users to make use of the app with a minimum deposit of 10 rupees is another unique point of BALLEBAAZI. The app allows a minimum withdrawal of 10 rupees through Paytm and 100 rupees through your bank account.

One of the best fantasy cricket apps in India - BALLEBAAZI
How to play fantasy cricket on BALLEBAAZI!

Mobile Premier League [MPL] :

The Mobile Premier league or more commonly identified as the MPL is another young app that has entered the fantasy cricket space and has established itself as on of the best fantasy cricket apps in India. The app started out as a platform where players could play random games and earn rewards. The app blew up because they had one of the most iconic sports celebrities as their brand ambassador – Virat Kohli. They soon entered the fantasy cricket space and have been very successful.

MPL has had a great influx of users because of how popular they were prior to the introduction of fantasy cricket on their app. A large part of that popularity came from hiring a popular brand ambassador like Kohli. The app boasts a user count of more than 9 crores! That is one of the largest amount of users compared to most apps in the fantasy cricket space. Only giants that have been a part of the fantasy sports industry for a long time, like Dream11 can hold a candle to them when the amount of users are compared.

While most point systems in fantasy cricket apps adhere to the Dream11 way, the MPL has made slight modifications to it by reducing the points scored from runs by half (including bonuses for 4’s and 6’s), not providing a 30 run bonus and only 10 points for every wicket taken. They have also the Great Indian Gaming League (GIGL) which takes place during the IPL and extends from 24th March to 29th May. The events in the league range from poker to fantasy cricket and boast an overall prize pool of close to 2000 crores!

One of the best fantasy cricket apps in India - MPL
How to play fantasy cricket on MPL!


MY11CIRCLE is one of the newer fantasy cricket apps and was founded by Trivikraman Thampy and Bhavin Pandya (founders of Games24x7 as well). The app has still found itself more than 1.7 crore registered users and has distributed more than 500 crores in prizes. The company has done a great job of marketing themselves and have even hired BCCI president, Sourav Ganguly as their brand ambassador. Today Australian cricketer Shane Watson and Afghanistan bowler Rashid Khan are both brand ambassadors of the app as well.

The app is limited in it’s choices of fantasy sports and only offers fantasy contests in the sports of cricket and football. Despite that the app has a very lucrative bonus when you join at first, offering bonuses up to 1500 rupees. The bonuses differ based on how much you deposit in your account. If you deposit 100 rupees (minimum amount for a bonus) then you will only get a 50 rupee bonus. You will need to recharge for 1000 rupees to get the 1500 rupee bonus.

The lucrative bonus along with the fact that you can withdraw a minimum of 100 rupees makes this one of the best fantasy cricket apps in India. The app also offers the biggest winning prize of 1.51 crores out of any fantasy cricket app in India.

One of the best fantasy cricket apps in India - MY11CIRCLE
How to play fantasy cricket on MYCIRCLE11!


gamezy is one of the newest and most innovative fantasy cricket apps in India today. The app has scaled at an incredible rate and has K.L Rahul as their brand ambassador. One of the major reasons for their popularity is their innovative contests. Some of the innovative ideas that GAMEZY has implemented are allowing players to participate in each innings of a test series, pre-games analysis of players, pitch and weather conditions and the 2nd innings contest that allows you to create a team for the 2nd half of the match.

gamezy also has an amazing first deposit bonus where you get up to 17000 rupees as a bonus. For deposits of 25-4999 rupees, you get a 100% bonus of what you deposit (up to 4999 rupees). If you add 5000-9999 rupees as a deposit you could get a 100% bonus (up to 9999 rupees) along with 100 rupees in instant cash. For deposits from 10000-50000 rupees, the bonus is 15000 rupees along with 250 rupees in instant cash.

The lucrative bonuses from the first time cash deposits along with the amazing, innovative contests that the app offers makes gamezy one of the best fantasy cricket apps in India. The app was developed by Gamescraft.

One of the best fantasy cricket apps in India - gamezy
How to play fantasy cricket on gamezy!


MYTEAM11 is one of the oldest fantasy cricket apps in India and was founded by Sanjit Sihag and Vinit Godara. The app was introduced in the market in 2016 and has one of the largest number of registered users in the country at 1.8 crores. The app is one of the most diverse fantasy sports apps and offers fantasy contests in 10 different sports. Some sports are American based like baseball while most sports enjoy the viewership of a large Indian audience.

The app has also indulged heavily in marketing by hiring Virender Sehwag as their brand ambassador. Former New Zealand cricketer Danny Morrison and TV hosts Mayanti Langer, Sanjana Ganeshan, Suhail Chandhok and Jatin Sapru have also been hired as brand ambassadors along side the former Indian cricket legend.

The app also allows a minimum withdrawal of rupees 200 and a maximum withdrawal of 10000 rupees. While the app has struggled to develop further and compete with new, innovative apps like gamezy and BALLEBAAZI, it still continues to be one of the best fantasy cricket apps in India even today. The app is similar to DREAM11 and has a simple operating system. If you are the kind of person that wants to enjoy a simple contest of fantasy cricket instead of the innovative options that other apps offer then MYTEAM11 is just the app for you.

One of the best fantasy cricket apps in India - MYTEAM11
How to play fantasy cricket on MYTEAM11!


Launched in 2021, VISION11 is another young fantasy cricket app that has brought innovative ideas to fantasy cricket and used that to gain a large number of registered users. The app boasts a user count of more than 17 lakh in just a year and has distributed prizes of more than 5 crore rupees. The app also offers fantasy contests in a variety of sports like football, hockey, baseball, kabaddi, and basketball.

The app has gotten off to a great start despite not having any big names marketing for them. The app has innovative ideas like 2nd innings contests (similar to BALLEBAAZI) and even live fantasy contests where players can join contests for just 4.5 overs. The app has become a hit with sports fans across the country majorly due to its user friendly system and innovative ideas, making it one of the best fantasy cricket apps in India. The app also allows players the freedom to select a maximum of 4 wicketkeepers,6 bowlers, 6 batsmen and 6 bowlers.

The app has a bright future ahead of it and with the amazing start they have had along with hiring kabaddi star Rohit Kumar and superstar cricketer Keiron Pollard as their brand ambassadors, the future looks bright for them. The app is right on top with BALLEBAAZI and gamezy when it comes to innovative ideas in fantasy sports.

One of the best fantasy cricket apps in India - VISION11
How to play fantasy cricket on VISION11!


The pioneer, the ‘Godfather’, the ‘King of the mountain’, all can be used to describe DREAM11. The first and most successful fantasy sports app in the country, DREAM11 has more than 12 crore registered users on their app. They also have fantasy contests for 9 different sports including American football. The app creates contests for matches played all over the world. For sports like basketball they have contests for the NBA,NBL,Euro League and more. As one of the first fantasy sports apps in India, DREAM11 has definitely had a head start over other apps.

The concept of DREAM11 was conceived in 2008 by the founders of Dream Sports , Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth. Starting off they faced a load of struggles. Fantasy Sports was non-existent at the time and introducing a foreign concept to the Indian market was very difficult. But in 2014, the company used the social media agency they had created to help the Mumbai Indians gain followers and what followed was a list of clients in the sports world approaching them.

Once that happened they stuck to the original goal of starting a fantasy sports platform and approched Vani Kola from Kalaari Capital and Shashin Shah from Think Investments once they had scaled sufficiently. This was after the 2 founders were rejected by close to 150 venture capitalists. Their determination and belief in their idea kept them going and today they are the biggest fantasy sports platform in India.

DREAM11 is no doubt one of the best fantasy cricket apps in the country. Some might even debate that it is the best. Similar to MYTEAM11, they have stagnated and seem a little dull compared to the new, innovative fantasy sports apps like BALLEBAAZI and VISION11. Despite that the foundation of the very first fantasy sports platform is unshakeable. DREAM11 continues to dominate the fantasy sport space even today.

They have had a host of cricketers be brand ambassadors for them. They signed 9 cricketers to be brand ambassadors for them in 2019 with M.S Dhoni in then lead. Today the face of the app is Rohit Sharma. From a brand value perspective there is no question that DREAM11 is at the very top in the fantasy sports world. Dream Sports is also one of the founders of the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports (FIFS).

One of the best fantasy cricket apps in India - DREAM11
How to play fantasy cricket on DREAM11!


While BOOMER11 is not the most well known or even close to being one of the best fantasy cricket apps in India, BOOMER11 is for all the people that wish to play fantasy sports but not spend any money. The app offers its own coins for players to use and participate in fantasy contests. You can earn coins by daily check-ins on the app, inviting your friends to join the app, join challenges (contests) and win and also by participating in quizzes that are held on the app.

Once you earn enough coins you can redeem them for various prizes that range from real gold to IPL fan kits. The app offers fantasy contests in cricket and football. They are planning on offering fantasy contests in basketball soon. The app is majorly used in the Middle-East and is available on the Android Playstore or IOS apple store. It is one of the best fantasy cricket apps to get introduced to how fantasy cricket or fantasy sports in general works if you do not want to spend money on fantasy sports.

The app was founded by Dubai resident Amit Singh in 2021. Amit, who is an ardent sports enthusiast, made the app because he saw the lack of fantasy sports apps in the UAE. The aim of the app is to provide sports fans an interactive and gamified experience for multiple sports. The fact that it takes no investment of actual money to play on the app is it’s most attractive feature.

How to play fantasy cricket on BOOMER11!

Conclusion – Which is the best fantasy cricket app?

In the end whether an app is one of the best fantasy cricket apps in India or not is up to the user and their experiences from using those fantasy cricket apps as well as how enjoyable the fantasy contests on those fantasy cricket apps were. While some might claim that DREAM11 is the best fantasy cricket app, for someone else the user interface and innovative fantasy contests on BALLEBAAZI might make it the best fantasy cricket app. Regardless this is just a guide to help you choose from the numerous fantasy cricket apps out there.

While knowing which fantasy cricket apps to register on and knowing how to play fantasy cricket can help you on your fantasy cricket journey, to understand the various strategies you can use to win fantasy contests a majority of the time and win a lot of money, you need the guidance of a fantasy cricket expert. But where can you find such an expert?

Don’t worry! We have got you covered. At Mad About Sports we have the very first fantasy cricket bootcamp in India, hosted by none other than Mr. Nikhil Popat, a fantasy cricket expert that has been a part of the fantasy cricket space for over 7 years and has won over 60 lakh rupees! The bootcamp will help you kickstart your fantasy cricket journey and help you navigate fantasy contests profitably. To learn from Mr. Nikhil on how to play fantasy cricket and win a load of money, head on over to the link below!

Author – Aniruddh Sunil Kumar

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